October 3, 2008

walgreens deal- friday and saturday only!

walgreens has another 5 of 20 coupon good today and tomorrow
mindy sent me a scenario for you newbies to try:)

Easy Peasy Walgreens deal, using their $5/20 coupon good today or tomorrow.

Buy 5 softsoap bodywashes, use $1 off coupon in the Easy Saver book (pg 15)
Buy 3 Childrens Tylenol,infant doesnt work for this deal..so make sure you get the 1 oz age 2-11... use $1.50 off coupon in the Easy Saver book you can find this booklet at front of store by the weekly ads..if you dont see it ask! (pg 23)
Buy approx $1.50 in filler ... candy for beggars nite?

Use these coupons.. you should be able to print 2 tylenols and 1 of each SS bodywash.
SoftSoap -

Tylenol - https://www.tylenol.com/vcrc/manage/nmtycampaign.jhtml?oid=5315
Walgreens $5/20 -http://www.walgreens.com/hotbuys/default.jsp

Your totals should add up like this:
SS 3.49 x 5 = 17.45
Tylenol 4.99 x 3 = 14.97
Candy 1.50 x 1 = 1.50
Subtotal = 33.92

let them add this up then give them your coupons!

Coupons -
Soft Soap printed -$2
Tylenol printed -$2
Walgreens Book Soft Soap -$5- it will automatically take the coupon amount of each bottle...you only have to give them one coupon
Walgreens Book Tylenol -$4.50
Walgreens printed -$5.00 of 20

You'll pay 15.42 + tax

Youl'll get: $10 Register Reward for the SoftSoap purchase, $5.00 Register Reward for the Tylenol purchase. You might get $2 Register Reward bonus for Tylenol.

Use your Register Rewards on a future purchase (say... diaper drop anyone??) Essentially making today's purchase pretty darn close to free.

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