October 5, 2008

just for you melissa:):)

ok so i know that when you first start this it can be very confusing , so for my friends that are newbies, here's what i would do it at cvs:):) i have enough medicine to last for 6 years so..i am not doing this deal:)

first off run to the register get you a cvs extra care card!:) they will give it you right on the spot-- then when you get home go to cvs.com and register your card..and you will get a coupon sent to your email:):)

ok sorry back to the regular scheduled program:):) ha ha! melissa you know i'm funny:)

so on page 8 of the cvs ad...
spend 20 of items on this page get 10 extra care bucks:
i would get
tylenol cold- 6.00, use coupon for sunday paper...
pedia care-6.00
tylenol extra strength- use coupon from paper
and a mylanta--you always need that:)-6.00-- use coupon from paper

so your total should be around 21.00 after your coupons..i think they are good for a dollar each:)
so you will pay 21.00 for these meds, but then you will get 10 extra care bucks!

transaction 2!
always infinity pads..14-18 count----4.98 ( on page 20)
then turn in your hymnal to page 15...oh wait your cvs ad to page 15:)
get the colgate maxfresh toothpaste for-- 2.99
then head on over to page 14 of your ad:) i want you to get 2 of the cvs/pharmacy sanitizing spray for 1.99 each you have to get the spray for KIDS..i found it in the baby aisle by the diapers hanging up in front of the diapers!, so total on those is 3.98!
(you have to spend ten or more dollars to use your 10 dollar ecb---)

so total for this transaction is: 11.95!
but wait pay with the 10 extra care bucks from your tylenol deal!
so your new total is 1.95 plus tax!!!!!!!!!
but wait there's more..geesh i sound like an infomercial:)
you will get extracare bucks this time too:)
you will get 4.98 for always pads
2.00 for colgate
2.00 for the sanitizing spray!

so you get 8.98 for next weeks deals:)

have fun and please please let me know if you did this deal!!!!!!!!!!

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