December 30, 2008

christmas clearance 75% off

hey blogging friends...

target and walgreens have their Christmas decorations 75 percent off..

hurry hurry if you want to get in on the deals:)

December 18, 2008

bath and body works deals!

run dont walk to your local bath and body!
they have fabulous deals going on..

they have their twisted peppermint line 75% off!!
yup thats right..i bought my sister 12 items..her total 34.10!!!
cant' beat that for bath and body works products!!

also i am soo in love with the new lambie blanket they have..rumor has it they are selling out i went today and got another one! i already have the creme one that my sis got me for my birthday, so now i have a black one..and the best was half off!!

so 17.50 and it is amazing!

December 11, 2008

finish line..of all places!

i went in looking for georgia tech gear for a christmas gift..and i couldn't find a thing..but i did find these!!

ok look at that price tag seriously do you think i paid that!!
i got a pair for the emster and a pair for her bestest friend linds!
2 pair mary jane crocs- 4.98 x 2= 9.96!!!!!!!!

yes 2 pair of crocs for less than 10 bucks!!
should've been 25 each total: 50.00
so i saved 40.00 or 80%!!!!

December 9, 2008

cvs 12-7

huggies r us!
huggies wipes- 3.00 x 4= 12.00
huggies baby wash- 3.00 x 2= 6.00
huggies diapers- 10.00

total: 28.00
-5 off 25 coupon
-1.00 huggies diapers
new total: 22
-10 extra care bucks
-2 extra care bucks
new total: 10 plus tax, oh and i got 5.00 ecbs back for spending 25.00 from huggies..
so all that was 5.00!!!

jcpenny deal

so i got a coupon in the mail for 10 dollars off a 10 purchase! ok!

i had to do a few returns so off to the mall we went!!

singing rudolph with a light up nose:) -was 19.99- on sale for 7.99
3 pack abby under panties - thats what my 3 year old calls them:)- was 7.99 now 3.99
disney holiday beany baby- pooh as a priendeer:)was 9.99 now 3.99

on sale for 15.97
-10.00 coupon
new total: 5.97 +.42= 6.39
savings of 32.00 or 83%!

great deal on photo cards for Christmas

so if you are a sam's club member they have an awesome deal on photo cards!
i uploaded my Christmas picture, chose my card, and selected one hour photo---

my total for 30 cards was 10.30!!!!!!!!

they are awesome! great quality!

so just a fyi!:)

December 4, 2008

cvs 12-3

ok so a few weeks ago cvs had the best sale on batteries...spend 20 get 15 ecb's ...and you could do the deal 3 times..yup 60 dollars of batteries for 15 dollars:)i already used 15 of that 45, so i had 30 ecbs to spend this week so i did:)only one of these had ecb's but i didnt care, this is stuff we needed:)

vaseline intensive care lotion for men- 2.50
tide mt. spring..(in case you cared what scent we use) 5.99
pampers baby dry diapers- 9.99
secret deodorant-- yes it is strong enough for a man:)- 2.50
secret deodorant- 2.50
dasani water- 3.88
charmin basic- 5.99
charmin ultra- 5.99
carefree- 4.19
st. jude hospital donation- 1.00
total: 44.51
-5.00 off 25 from scanner- jealous melissa?:)
-.25 coupon for charmin
-1.00 coupon for pampers
-1.25 coupon for vaseline intensive care lotion
-1.00 coupon..cant' remember what for:)
new total: 36.01
- 30.00 extra care bucks from battery deal

final total: 6.01 + .29= 6.30 oh and i got an extra 2.00 ecb's from the carefree:)
so there you have it 4.30 for 44 dollars of product!

December 3, 2008

huge sale on toys at

just a heads up has some great deals on toys!!

the easiest way to find them is to go to, forums, online deals..there is an entire thread devoted to these deals!!!

it truly is the most wonderful time:):)

kmart super double coupons

kmart is doubling again!! coupons up to 2.00!! i got my little self organized and picked out my high value coupons, and off i went:)
soo fun!
kmart's prices are a bit higher to start with, but when you have a 2.00 off coupon doubled, its ok:)
jergens lotions- 3.00 x 2= 6.00- i had 1.00 off coupons so these were 1.00 a bottle x 2= 2.00
dove shampoo-3.79 x 2= 7.58- had 1.50 coupons so these were .80 a bottle, so total was 1.60
dove conditioner- 3.79 x 2= 7.58, had 1.50 coupons, so these were .80 a bottle, so total was 1.60
zest soap 3 pack- 2.39 x 4= 9.56- i had 1.00 coupons, so these were .39 after doubling, .39 x 4= 1.56
large dove conditioner- 5.49- had 2.00 off coupon, so this was 1.49
garnier shampoo-2.89 had 1.00 coupon, so this was .89 after doubling
herbal essence shampoo-2.89 had 1.00 coupon so this was .89
ziploc containers= 2.50 x 2= 5.00- 1.50 off coupons doubled,so 1.00 a piece= 2.00
oust air spray- 3.50 x 2= 7.00, i had 1.00 coupons doubled, so 1.50 each 3.00 total
aussie shampoo- 2.89- 1.00 coupon doubled= .89
aussie conditioner- 2.89- 1.00 coupon doubled= .89
sure deodarant- 2.29 x 2-4.58- 1.00 coupon so each was .29 x2= .58
sucrets- 3.79- 1.50 coupon doubled = .79
tic tac chill= 1.49 x 3= 4.47- 1.00 coupon so each was free --0
nestle choc. chips- 2.33 x 3= 6.99 - 1.00 instantly when you buy 3= 5.99-.50 coupon off each= 3 for 3.00
reese soft cookie- my kids were really good- 1.00
reese clusters- 3.99- 1.00 coupon= 1.99- i really wanted to try this..disappointing to me
turtles- 4.00-1.50 coupon doubled= 1.00
total: 88.59
minus -30.50 in coupons...
total: 58.09
minus 30.50 kmart doubled the coupons!

new total: 27.59 + 2.82 tax= 30.41
savings of 66 percent or, 61.00!!!

i know the math doesnt add up but im just going by what the reciept says:
):) some items they didnt double, due to the fact that they won't give you maybe thats part of the issue?