October 28, 2008

crunching some numbers

so today i was working on my end of the year budget and first half of 2009 budget, and it made me think ok is all my couponing really worth it? well after i did this there was no doubt in my mind. It is worth it! Would you agree?

here are the numbers for September and October:
total before coupons and rr's: 165.98
after coupons and rapid rewards: 50.20
savings of $$115.78, 70%!!

total before coupons: 196.50
total after coupons: 111.80
savings of $84.70, 43%

rite aid:
total before coupons: 43.27
after coupons and gift card for transfer prescription: 13.27
savings of $30.00, 69%

total before coupons: 180.03
total after discounts: 64.79
savings of $115.24, 64%

total before discount: 31.95
after discount: 14.89
savings of $17.06, 53%

total before coupons: 146.05
after coupons: 72.69
savings of $73.36, 50%

total before coupons: 229.45
after coupons: 93.23
savings of $136.22, 59%

before coupons: extracare bucks: 309.01
after: 100.25
savings of $208.76, 67%!!!!!!

also returned some items, because they didn't ring up correctly , that was a credit for 16.37!!

living in regretville that i didn't start this sooner!

here are the big numbers for two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My savings in September and October:
total before coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 1302.24
total after coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 534.75~~~~~~~~~~~~
savings of $767.49!
savings of 59% overall!

October 27, 2008

oh kmart-- you make me happy:)

no blue light specials for this chick..but wow

here's my stats from my shopping yesterday and today:
total: 148.62- shopping from yesterday
total: 10.49- from pajama
total: 70.34 from today

grand total: 229. 45

i paid-
58.81 trip 1
1.08 nightgown
33.34 todays trip
so i paid 93.23 total - for a savings of 136.22 or 59 %!!!

i found more coupons, so off i went to kmart!:)

i planned my trip whilst mr. man was catching some z's- and i packed their little lunch, and off we went, lunch today was the uncrustables, string cheese and peanut butter crackers:):)
all went well today..my cashier was awesome, and i was in and out in 45 minutes, would've been less but miss e wanted to check out the Christmas decor:)
ok so here's the damage:

gilette body wash- 4.00
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.00
vaseline intensive care lotion-5.49-(for christmas basket)
-1.50 doubled, new price-2.49
revlon mineral makeup- 6.99 for christmas basket
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.99
halls pro health cough drops- 2.49
-1.00 doubled, new price- .49
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79

part 2:) exhibit b

renuizit air freshner- 2.50
-.75 doubled, new price 1.00
glade warmer- 4.19 x 2= 8.38
-i had a coupon for buy one get one free- so 4.19 for 2!
6 glade glass scents- 2.50 x6= 15.00
-i had 3 coupons for buy one get one free, so 2.50 x3= 7.50 for 6 products!
1 reese cookie for the kidlets.they were soooo good!- 1.00!
total before coupons: 70.34
your total savings: -16.17
coupons redeemed:- 23.94
i paid 30.23 + 3.11 tax= 33.34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i saved: 40.11!
ooo and i got 2 4.00 coupons off next order from my glade oil warmers
and 1 1.00 coupon for buying the renuizit air freshner!
so really i paid
33.34- 9.00 in on your next order coupons= 24.34 for a savings of 65%!!!!!!!

and then i went and let miss e pick some new pjs- so heres what she got:
princess gown: 14.99- 30% off- 10.49
now watch here comes the fun part!
1.00 coupon from renuzit from 1'st transaction
-1.00 kmart doubled!!
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
so my new total was: .49 + .59= 1.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha, tax was more than the nightgown!!!!!!!!!!!
yah i saved 90% on this item!

cvs- 10-28-08

5 Infinity pads- 4.99 x 5= 24.95
nestle pure life water- not pictured:) - 2.99

total: 27.94
-5 off 15 from mail insert for grand opening
-10.00 off infinity, i bought some 2 off coupons from ebay for 1.00- so 2.00 x 5= 10

new total: 12.94 + 1.30= 14.24, but then i got 5.00 ecb for the always, i should've received a dollar for the nestle water..so i'll be emailing about that ,, so after ecbs i paid..8.24 for 5 boxes of femi products and 24 bottles of water!

October 26, 2008

super double deals at the kmart:)

i was there at 7:55 along with 8 other die hard couponers!!:)
can i just say i love making new friends:), we were all giddy with the excitement of the deals;)
here are some pics of my goods:)

what i got:
-glade fabric air freshner-3.79
1.50 doubled ...so i got it for .80!!
-purex liquid fabric softener- 3.00
used 1.00 doubled so new price was 1.00!
-dove lotion- 5.99
used 1.50 doubled, so new price was 2.99--this is part of a christmas present:)
-dove shampoo- 3.79
used 1.50 doubled, new price was: .79
-dove shampoo- 3.79
used 1.50 doubled- new price: .79
- large bottle of herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
used 2.0 doubled, new price was: 2.79!!!!!
-large bottle of herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
used 2.00 doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
-large bottle herbal essence condtioner- 6.79
used 2.00, doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
- large bottle herbal essence condtioner- 6.79
used 2.00, doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
- dove body wash- 4.79
used 1.50, doubled- new price was 1.79 (part of christmas gift)
-dove body wash- 4.79
used 1.50 doubled- new price was 1.79 (part of christmas gift)
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 coupon, doubled, new total was 1.49!
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 ,doubled, new price was 1.49!
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 doubled, new price was 1.49!
-mach 3 disposables- 6.99
used 2.00 , doubled, new price 2.99 (christmas gift)
-mach 3 disposables- 6.99
used 2.00 doubled, new price 2.99 (christmas gift)
-shick comfort twin razors- 4.49
2.00 doubled, new total .49!!!!
- quattro razors 4 ct.- 6.69
2.00 , doubled, new price was 2.69
- fantastik cleaner- 2.69
1.00, doubled, new price was .69!
- endust- 3.29
2.00 doubled- free!!!!!!!!
- scrubbing bubbles gel toilet cleaners- 3.49
1.00 doubled- new price was 1.49
- gummi life savers- 1.25
1.00, adjusted to FREE!
-crest weekly clean with free mouthwash- 3.99
1.00 doubled, new price was 1.99
- reach ultraclean floss- 1.69
1.00 , adjusted to FREE
- colgate toothpaste- 3.99-
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.99
- colgate kids strawberry -1.99
.75 doubled, new price: .49
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
-tic tac chill- 1.49
1.00 doubled, adjusted to FREE!
-oust sanitizer spray- 3.79
1.50 doubled, new price .79
-zest 3 bar soap- 2.19
1.00 doubled, new price- .19!!!!!!
-zest 3 bar soap- 2.19
1.00 doubled, new price .19!!!!!!!
-revlon nail shaper- 2.49
1.00 doubled, new price- .49
-revlon emery board- 2.97
1.00 doubled, new price .97
- revlon nail clip- 2.49
1.00 doubled, new price -.49

total before coupons: 148.62

- 47.25 coupons redeemed
- 48.68 coupons that were doubled, or adjusted to free products!
new total: 52.69 + 6.12 tax =58.81!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i saved 95.93!!!!!!!!!!!can you believe it?

to see how other people saved check out moneysavingsmom.com!

cvs update

on the bottom of my receipt it says:
extra care card balance as of 10-19:

fall 2008 spending: 99.87
year to date savings: 414.87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


candy r us at cvs-

I needed some candy for our trunk n treat night at church on wednesday. Also need it for neighborhood trick or treat, b says we can't run out our first year in the neighborhood, we would be the laughing stock of town- yes he's ridonkulous- but at those prices who can say no:)

so here's the rundown-
20 (yes i said 20) fun size bags of candy- on sale 2 for $3- 30.00
act popcorn- 2.49 what a ripoff, but the husbie needs it so that he can watch football:)
2 liter of mt. dew- 1.99
arizon tea- .99- husband snuck that right in:)
2% milk- 2.99
vit. d milk- 3.19

total: 41.65
- 5 off 25
- 1 off 2 bags of candy
- 1.99 free 2 liter from cvs mailing
- 5 extra care bucks from pert plus deal
- 5 extra care bucks from energizer batteries
new total: 23.66- 10.84 on my gift card from transfer prescription=
12.82 for all that candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


for those that like my background i got it from:

October 25, 2008

kmart- super double coupon promotion

i just called my kmart...
they are participating.starting tomorow!.im so excited...
i'm going to get all my coupons together and be at kmart at 8 a.m.:) and no im not kidding!

cvs freebies at the grand opening

wow what a nice treat for me!
when i was done checking out..they gave me all this, plus 2 packs of dibs ice cream treats..yah we ate those!!

the bag was full of cvs brand products...
i got all this for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cvs cotton swabs
cvs antibiotic cream
cvs asprin
cvs chapstick
and some coupons for 3 off 15!
and a full size bag of pretzels!

i love my new cvs!

cvs grand opening :)

so we just got a brand new cvs and boy is it nice!!
i got some coupons in the mail, so i was pumped:)

i transferred a prescription and got a 25 gift card! everyone was soo nice at this location!
here's a funny story- so i saw the manager from the other cvs i frequently visit..he was sooo excited to see me :) he said hey how are you? i'm so glad to have you over here at this location!! i said oh thank you , have you moved stores..he said yup this is my new home! I told him I'd be switching..:) this store is the cadillac of cvs stores:):)

so here's what went down today: we were totally running low on batteries..PANIC MODE!
2 energizer 8 pack of double a batteries- 5.99 x 2= 11.98
1 energizer 8 pack of triple a batteries- 5.99
3 sure deodorants- 2.99 x 3= 8.97
pert plus- 3.99

total: 30.93
-.75 sure coupon from sunday paper
-1.00 pert plus coupon from paper
-1.00 energizer batteries
-5.00 off 25 from last week..printed with my ecb's
-10.00 ecbs from last week..i think toothbrush deal:)

new total: 13.18 + .98= 14.16
i got
-5 ecbs for the energizer batteries spend 15 get 5 back!
-5 ecbs for pert and sure...spend 10 get 5 back!

oh and i paid with my gift card so out of pocket was 0!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have 10 ecbs and 10 left on my gift card...oh happy day!


meijer super saturday sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i went to meijer today to get a few stamps, some hot dog bunaruns for our sunday school bonfire tonight:), and see if they had any uncrustables left..remember they are 50% off this week

i was sooo excited when i saw all these deals!
hot dog buns- 1.39
large eggs- 1.67
dt. sunkist- 2 x 3.78= 7.56
dt. sunkist- 3.78- b put some of these in the garage:)
2 diet a&w root beers- 2 x 3.78= 7.56
bananas- 1.39
white bread- 1.39
uncrustables- 6 x 1.49= 8.94
poptarts...- 1.60 (these were half off, thought i'd try them for the kidlets)

total: 35.28
-1.00 off 2 uncrustables meijer goldbox internet coupons
-1.00 off 2 uncrustables meijer goldbox internet coupons
-11.34 off diet sunkist and root beers..but 2 get 3 free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yah not a typo!

new total: 22.43

savings today: meijer promotions: 11.34
non coupons savings: 12.48
meijer couponsL: 2.00
saved: 25.82
total percentage: 54%

October 22, 2008

more target deals!

i found most of this in the party supply section:
fancy nancy stickers- 1.18, was 1.69
fancy nancy paper plates: 3 x 1.18 =3.54,- were 1.69 each
fancy nancy cups: 2 x 1.18= 2 x 1.18=2.36- were 1.69 each
go fish game: .98 was 3.99
princess thank you: .98 was 3.99
pirate thank you: .98 was 3.99
9 ct crayola paint pens: 1.48 was 5.99!

total: 11.50 + .75 tax= 12.25
original price: 28.10!!

saving of 56%
my new motto never pay full price again!

October 21, 2008

what a rush:) oops forgot to say this is at meijers!

shout out to my girl ginger:) she let me know about these oh so fab deals:)
transaction 1:

i thought i'd try this glade deal again..to see if i got the 4.00 coupon...and guess what it did!!
so total: 4.99, but then i got 4.00 back:)

transaction 2:

oh this makes me sooo happy
jello- .64
jello- .64
jello- .64
jello- .64
pop.- .99
3 eggo waffles- 2.05 x 3= 6.15
bananas- .98
4 uncrustables- 1.49 x 4= 5.96- these were half off!! i'm so excited i think the kidlets will love them!
electrosol- 2.99 x 2= 5.98 -these are usually 8.98
total: 22.62

-.50 electrasol from sunday paper
-.50 miejer doubled!
-.50 electrasol from sunday paper
-.50 meijer doubled!
-.75 uncrustables from sunday paper
-.25 meijer doubles up to 1.00
- 1.50 off 2 jello coupons from meijer.com goldbox coupons
- 1.50 off 2 jello coupons from meijer.com goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 3 eggo products from meijer.com goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 2 boxes of uncrustables from meijer.com goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 2 boxes of uncrastables from meijer.com goldbox coupons:)
- 4.00 coupon from the glade deal in transaction 1

total: 9.62 + .39 = 10.01!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so yah i did pretty good:)
-electrasol ended up being 2.00 a box!!
-jello was um free plus they paid me .44 cents!! .64 x 4= 2.56 my coupons were for 3.00 off:)
- uncrustables - 1 box was .49!! 1.49- 1.00 coupon, the other 3 boxes were .82 cents- 1.49 x 3= 4.47- 2.00 (goldbox coupons) 2.47/3= .82~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

so my savings today were: 56%

October 20, 2008

just a little kroger deal--

for some reason my camera's not working:(

kroger water- 3.79
swiffer dusting stuff:)- 3.99
kroger 2% milk- 2.58
3 scotch brite nail saver sponges- 1.00 x 3 = 3.00

total: 13.36 + .44 tax = 13.80
-1.50 uploaded coupon from p and g for the swiffer dusting product
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge;)
yup i got 3 sponges for free!!:)

thanks to this link from ginger:)- http://www.3m.com/us/home_leisure/scotchbrite/ultranailsaver/coupon.pdf

new total: 9.30

coupons: 3.00
store coupons and kroger plus savings: 4.97
total coupons: 7.97

October 19, 2008


transaction 1:
glade oil warmer- 4.69 + .30 tax= 4.99

um not such a great deal? uh i got a 4.00 coupon to use on my next order:)
there is a buy one get one free coupon on these from the 9-28 sunday paper..i couldn't find it, but still .99 is a great deal! If you have that coupon, you will pay 4.99 for two and get an 8.00 coupon, rumor has it:)

transaction 2:
bananas- .96
nestle cookie dough- 2.00
nestle cookie dough- 2.00
3 lipton side dishes- 1.00 x 3= 3.00
count chocula (for the husbie)= 1.80

total: 9.76
- 1.50 off 2 nestle cookies from this site: http://www.verybestbaking.com/promotions/newsletter/mot/email/oct_08DTR/thankyou/nrg.aspx
-4.00 coupon from the glade warmer

new total: 4.26

saved: 3.52 on sale
-5.50 in coupons
savings total of 9.02!

cvs part 2

not sure how i missed this deal this morning..well yah i do it was the crack o dawn:)

huggies diapers- 9.99
huggies diapers- 9.99
huggies wipes- 2.79
huggies wipes- 2.79

total: 25.56
-5 off 25 coupon from the cvs scanner
-11.98 from gum toothbrush's

new total: 8.58 + .57 tax = 9.15
you're all thinking oh dear sweet andrea...but all your ecb's are gone..um no they're not!!! I got 10.00 ecb from my huggies deals:):)

ooo toothbrushs r us at cvs!

i cant' believe they had these all in stock!
fyi: ok from now on ecb stands for extra care bucks:)
so here's what i did:
transaction 1:
1 gum crayola 2 pk. toothbrush- 3.99
1 gum 2 pack soft toothbrush- 3.99
1 brach candy corn- 1.29- i bought this for a cute little craft emma and i are going to make:)
1 funlight glowstick- .99
1 funlight glowstick- .99

total: 11.25
-2.00 extra care buck from last week
-3.00 extra care buck from last week

new total: 6.25 + .31 = 6.56
but i got 3.99 ecb's for each gum toothbrush...so 7.98-limit of 5 with these:)
1.29 ecb for the candy corn
1.98 ecb for the glowsticks

so i got 11.25 ecb's!!!

transaction 2:
3 gum (2 pack) toothbrushes- 11.97
1 gallon milk- 3.19

total: 15.16
- 7.98 ecb from the toothbrushes in transaction 1
- 1.29 ecb from the candy corn in transaction 1
- 1.98 ecb from the glowsticks in transaction 1

new total: 3.91 + .05= 3.96
and then i got 11.97 in ecb's from the toothbrush deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so total out of pocket: 10.52 but i have 11.97 for next week:) so they paid me 1.45 this week:)
thank you cvs!

the reason i didn't do them all in one deal is simple, i didnt' want one 19.95 extra care buck!

bright and early sunday morning deals;)

so mr. man decided 6:30 was a good wake up time! yikesa! he was quite the noisy little man, so him and i had a date to cvs and walgreens:):)
So I discovered, 7 a.m. is a good time to go to these stores...no one is there, and they actually have items in stock!
I had looked at the ads early on hotcouponworld.com, so i knew what i wanted to get:)

I decided to give walgreens one more chance since they have such amazing deals this week, and all is well..

2 pert plus: 3.49 x 2= 6.98
mickey mouse globe ball- 4.99- clearanced to 1.00
lysol nutrair- 5.99 (on sale this week, reg.12.99, it was not marked on sale, but take the ad with you)
2 trick or treat bags- .78 cents- use the coupon in the ad:)

total: 14.75
-2.50 pert plus coupon from the easy saver catalog- you only have to give one to the cashier, it will apply it to each item..
-2.50 pert plus coupon
-5.00 coupon for the lysol nutrair, from sunday paper a few weeks ago!

new total: 4.75 + .92= 5.67
savings of 62%

October 15, 2008

awesome toy deals at target- Christmas shopping already!

I know its early but my soul when I see such great deals I snatched them up:):)

here's the breakdown:

high school musical gabriella doll- regular price: 13.99 , clearance price: 3.48!!!!!
hannah montana surf shop-reg. price:29.99 ,clearance price: 7.48!!!!!!!!
high school musical sharpay set-reg. price:18.99, clearance price:4.74!!!!!!!!

My Little Pony Ponyville Roller Skate Party Cake with Pinkie Pie- geesh could it have a longer title:):)=== regular price 21.99--- i paid 5.48!!
My Little Pony Ponyville Roller Skate Party Cake with Pinkie Pie- 5.48 *one for em and one for her bestest little cousin:)

little people school bus ride on: reg. price: 29.99 clearance price: 14.98!!!!!!!!

dora princess doll: 14.99-
pacifers:)= 2.69

total: 59.32
-3.00 coupon from dora dvd on the dora princess doll
-7.44 target gift card from a return from last week...

new total: 48.88 + 3.66 = 52.54

so i got 151.93 worth of toys for 52.54~~
savings of 99.39 or 65 %
woo hoo!!
high school musical gabriella: 13.99 - 3.48
my little pony skate set: 21.99 - 5.48
my little pony skate set: 21.99 - 5.48
hannah montana surf shop set: 29.99 - 7.48
high school musical sharpay set: 18.99- 4.74
dora princess: 14.99 - 11.99
fisher price little people ride on toy: 29.99 - 14.98

October 13, 2008

meijer deals- 10-12-10-19

Got up bright and early this morning, and returned the colgate total to rite aid- 3.71 back on the debit card. I simply couldn't pay that much for toothpaste, when I'm used to getting it for 1.00 or less!
Then our next stop was cvs to return the kit kats that were 2.99. So 2.99 back on the debit card...then off to meijer:)

dora giggle stick- 75% off- 1.25 a prize for em for being sooo good today!
goldfish crackers- 1.09 -(half price this week)
goldfish crackers- 1.09- (half price this week)
white bread- 1.39
hormel pot roast-3.99- bryan loves these , so easy for dinner:)
tyson boneless skinless chicken breast- 4.99 (half price this week)
eggo waffles- 1.67- emma gets so excited about these:)
edy's ice cream- 2.50
herbal essence shampoo- 2.50
herbal essance shampoo-2.50
herbal essence cond.-2.50
herbal essence shampoo-2.50
5 boston market meals- 2.20 x 5=11.00
cinnamon rolls- 1.25 x 2 =2.50

total: 41.47
-3.00 off 2 bottles of herbal essence from sunday's paper
-3.00 off 2 bottles of herbal essence from sunday's paper
-.30 coupon for pillsbury cinnamon rolls, we have these for breakfast every saturday..tradition my friends:)
-.30 miejer doubled:)

total: 36.10
savings today: total meijer savings: 24.66
total coupon savings: 6.60
savings total: 31.26

67.36 worth of product for 36.10!!
savings of $31.26 , or 46 %

October 12, 2008

rite-aid...wow what a rush!

welp, so i went to rite aid planning to buy milk and use my $30 gift card for transferring a prescription i got last week...um...wow they had sopp many deals i couldnt' pass them up..so what's a girl to do..um duh..she shops:):)

1 meyer 2% milk- 2.89
1 bic comfort 3 pivot- 2.99
1 axe shower gel- 4.00
1 axe shower gel- 4.00
1 axe shower gel- 4.00--- the husbie loves this stuff..i really enjoy the smell:)
1 true shimmer chapstick- 1.99
1 comtrex cold medicine- 3.99
1 colgate total- 3.49---uugh noticed once i got home..this didnt' come up on sale:(
1 softlips raspberry 2pk- 2.99
1 lypomoisturizer chapstick- 1.99
1 meyer chocolate milk- 1.09- the husbie deserved this for watching my demons..i mean angels while i shopped
1 meyer vit d milk- 3.59
1 sucrets cherry cough drops- 2.99
1 excedrin es express gels- 3.99

total: 43.99
-1.00 colgate coupon
-2.00 on bic razors from 10-12 paper

40.99 + 2.28 tax= 43.27
- 30 rite aid gift card for transferring my prescription..

new total: 13.27

so thats great right! well um guess what there's more to type!!!!!

rite aid is having rebates r us this week, so i will enter my receipt number at riteaid.com, and i will get a rebate check for $22.94!!!!!wooo hooo so rite aid paid me 9.67 to take these products for them:):)
u may be thinking um why all the meds and chapstick..easy answer THEY WERE ALL FREE!
here's my rebate info:
5.00 -when you buy 3 axe products
1.99- true shimmer chapstick
2.99- soft lips
1.99- lypomoisturizer chapstick
3.99- cold meds
2.99- sucrets
3.99- excedrin

total: $22.94!!!!!!!!!!

they had over 144 dollars worth of rebates in the ad (pages 6-7!) tons of meds for cold and flu season..i didnt want to go nutso..no need to buy products we wont use , but i encourage you to check it out!!!!!!!
dont' forget to transfer a prescription first so you have $30 to help you get started:)


so i went to my favorite cvs..fun times:)
they had everything on my list:)
transaction 1:

1 always infinity pads 4.99
1 garnier nutrise- 4.99
1 colgate total- 3.49
1 colgate total- 3.49
1 revlon classic nail polish- 4.99
1 revlon classic nail polish-4.99
1 skinvitals mask-2.99
1 skinvitals mask- 2.99

-5.00- cvs purchase 5 off 25 purchase- i got this from the price scanner last week
-4.99- cvs sale buy one get one free revlon nail polish
-1.00- revlon product from 10-12 paper
-1.00- revlon product from 10-12
-1.50- colgate coupon from all you magazine
-2.00- always infinity from 10-12
-2.00- garnier nutriese from 10-12
-4.98- extra care bucks from always infinity last week

new total: 10.45 + 1.13 tax = 11.58
but i got back 8.00 in extra care bucks!!!!!!!!!! 2.00 for each colgate, and 2.00 for each skinvital mask..i noticed when i got home that i didn't get my 1.00 ecb for my infinity- i will call on that believe you me:)

transaction 2:

m&m peanut fun size: -1.50
2 twix fun size-1.50 x 2=3.00
kit kat snack size- 2.99...uugh i meant to get another 1.50 bag of candy
all small n mighty: 6.49
all small n mighty: 6.49

total: 20.47
-6.49- all buy one get on free sale
-1.00- $1/2 candy coupon from 10-12 paper
-1.00- $1/2 candy coupon from 10-12 paper
-1.00- $1/2 all from 10-12 paper
-4.00- extra care bucks from toothpaste in transaction 1
-4.00- extra care bucks from the face masks in transaction 1

new total 2.98! not to bad:)

i got $53.39 worth of products for $14.56 after coupons and extra care bucks!!! equals 72% savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh also go to moneysavingsmom.com to see how others saved:)

walgreens- boo hiss

so im a little mad at walgreens today..here's the story:

so i go in get 2 packs of walgreens diapers size 4- 5.99 on sale in the ad x 2
cincinnati enquirer-1.50 there are fabulous fabulous coupons this week!

anyway, in the diaper aisle..they have 4 huge signs saying buy 2 packs of any diaper or training pants save $2....

so the lady says your total will be 13.48...i said did the -2.00 come off for the diapers...she said they are both 5.99 then i said welp i guess it didnt' come off then...can u take it off..she said where's the coupon..i said i'm sorry it says nothing about a coupon..she gets all tude with me and says ..well there's nothing i can do...i said um yes there is call someone else i'll talk to them about it...so my favorite cashier comes in...she says um..i'll go look i walk back and show her the 3 HUGE signs..she says they have to be this certain kind..i said um yah i bought 2 of the exact ones on the picture! she's like oh ok..meanwhile teenage grump girl..called her manager to tattle on me i guess? he says and i quote "how much are you claiming these diapers are supposed to be" grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....look im not trying to scam..just look at your HUGE SIGNS...i said well let me go show you...meanwhile presh emma is acting like a wild child...which totally helped the situation...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....he's like oh ok i see..i said yah i wasnt' lying!!
so he looks at my receipt and says what is the 10 coupon i said ..its a rapid reward i had..he said oh thats why it wont print rapid rewards if you pay with rewards..i'm like uh WHAT? i thought to myself um..i know thats not true..look at all the deals i did a few weeks ago..but whateva...not worth being accused of being a liar or a cheat..i mean seriously they made me feel like a criminal for trying to save 2.00 that they were claiming you'd get..i was ticked..so im boycotting them...
here's my total
-10.00 register reward
and i had a gift card from some other rebate so i got it for .39 cents..not the pt..should've still had 2.00 on my card

October 11, 2008

cheap cereal at meijers!

saw this deal on cheapsk8mom.blogspot.com

go to coupons.com- print off the 1.00 off coupons for Kellogg's Mini Wheats - Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon Streusel, Maple Brown Sugar,and Vanilla Creme these are on sale 2/$5 at meijer. There are 3 different coupons:)

so i bought
3 frosted mini wheats- 2.50 x 3= 7.50
1 bottle white vinegar.*stinky washer enough said:)-1.00

total: 8.50
then gave the cashier my 3 1.00 off coupons that i printed off!
for -3.00
new total: 5.50
here's the fun part..i got a 3.00 off coupon for next order from buying the cereal!!
so i got those boxes for .50 cents each after the printable coupons and the catalina coupon for meijer! 7.50-3.00 printable coupons= 4.50-3.00=1.50 for 3 boxes!

transaction 2:
2 betty crocker warm delights- 1.99x2=3.98
stonyfield yogurt for the young lad in the house:) -3.00
total: 6.98
-.50 coupon for betty crocker warm delights
-.50- meijer doubled
-.50 coupon for betty crock warm delights
-.50 meijer doubles
-1.00 stonyfield yogurt good at meijers
-3.00 from cereal deal!!
new total: .98 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so total for both transactions: 6.48!!!!!!!!!!

oh im so happy this deal worked for me!

i've been reading on a few blogs about the johnson and johnson deal...and thought i'd try it today and if it didnt' work..i'd be ok i would only be out 3.00!!:)

so here's what i did:

i got all of these soaps for 3.16...um and i have a 3.00 catalina off 3 johnson and johnson products(works like walgreens rapid rewards, you can use it on your next purchase- but only at kroger:))

heres how to do it:
3 johnson and johnson buddy soaps- .99 X 3
total plus tax is 3.16
the register will print out your 3.00 of 3 j and j products--

get 3 more soaps and pay with your catalina/coupon your new total will be .16 cents, and then you will get another 3.00 catalinia/coupon!:)

its an endless cycle:)
the end

kroger deals today!

So i went over my kroger receipt from the other day...and i noticed my pantene uploaded coupon didnt' work...so this morning i marched myself to the store to fix it.
Wow 20 minutes later I finally got my styling product for free. Go to kroger.com, upload the p and g coupons to your card, and you dont' have to clip or take anything but your card to the store..all the other coupons worked, except for that one!
The cashier called 2 people over who kinda implied that i was lying about the product..seriously? i explained to them 3 times about how you can go on kroger.com, shouldnt they KNOW this already?

anyway if you do this deal..make sure the 3.34 comes off your bill!

pantene shampoo-3.33
pantene mousse- 3.34
the coupon was for buy one shampoo or conditioner get a styling product free--

so my new total was 3.33 for two pantene products..nice real nice

October 9, 2008

deal at walgreens: scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner

mindy sent this to me: its from iheartwags.com
hot deal: free scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner (through 10/11)

scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner $19.99 (sale 10/5-10/11)
-$10 october easy saver catalog rebate
-print the $10 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit coupon from this site:

come home enter your receipt onto walgreens.com easy saver section..don't submit it all the way, because you may find things next week with rebates to add to your gift card!!

proud of myself today

so i went to babycheapskate.com, and saw that amazon.com is having a sale on robeez shoes, spend 50 get 10 off. So i add 3 pairs to my cart, 2 for em and 1 for bren (thought they could wear them around the house during the winter, they are super comfy)... and place my order. My total was 42 after the coupon, so I call bryan and say i bought 3 pairs..he says um..i dont really love them...could we get them slippers from target? Well i say, emma really likes the snowman ones...but i will cancel the other two pairs....so i did...so instead of spending 42, I spent 14.89. I get free 2 day shipping! So now i'm happy, em's happy, and bren doesnt know he's missing out on the deal:) he's napping:)

regular price: 31.95
sale price: 14.89
savings: 17.06 or 53%

so the moral of the story..don't go overspend just to save a few dollars!!!!!!!!

October 8, 2008

oh happy day at the kroger:) i saved $60.68!!

so my friend julie reminded me that i can go to kroger.com and upload coupons to my kroger plus card...so i did:) they have some fabulous proctor and gamble coupons on it...you dont have to print anything...it just goes right on your card..i did print off the list so i could know what the coupons were good for -- :)you can use these with manufactor coupons!
once again the key is to plan plan! there is no way i could've done this haphazardly- i love love this word:):) oh and also you must be wandering how do i do this shopping with a 17 month old and a 3 year old:) the key is food:) seriously i made their lunch and took it with us:) so into the race car shopping cart they went, and ate their pretzels, chicken nuggets, and a string cheese for emma:) and their handy dandy cups...and all was calm:) for dessert go to the bakery, and get free cookies for the kidlets!!:)
ok enough of that lets get to the good stuff-

-paula deen chicken and dumplings dinner in fridge section: 6.99, not a great deal, but looked oh sooo good:) , it had 1.00 coupon peelie on the package..
-kroger bread- .88
-cottonelle- .99 used the .50 coupon i loaded on my card from shortcuts.com- and a .50 mani coupon...they doubled it..so i made .50 on this one:)
- dr. pepper 24 pack = 6.99...uugh it was 5.50 at meijer should've waited:)
- oral b toothbrush- 2.00-used esaver coupon for .75 and i had a .75 mani coupon
-pampers wipes...-2.59, used .25 coupon from esaver coupon, and a .50 mani coupon, got these for 1.84
-kroger cheese- 1.67 x 2= 3.34
-2 bob evans hash browns- 2.59 x 2, these were buy one get one free!
-2 glade spray- 1.00 x 2- i had buy one get on free coupon!! so these were .50 each!
-kroger pretzels- 1.59..wow i remember the days when these were 1.00:(
-2 oscar meyer bacon- 5.49 x 2, these were buy one get one free!!! so 2.74 each!
-airwick lumina- 8.99- it had a 3.00 peelie coupon on it, and i had a 4.00 mani coupon..so new total was 2.99!
-febreeze noticable starter kit- 6.89- i uploaded a 5.00 coupon on my card, then i had a 5.00 mani...so um yah i made 3.11 on this product!
-gilette bodywash- 3.99-- used 1.00 coupon uploaded on my kroger card...then i had a 2.00 mani coupon...so new price was 1.00!!
- crest toothpaste- 2.00 -used 1.00 uploaded coupon, and -1.00 mani coupon so free toothpaste..how could i not get that:)
-pillsbury biscuits- 1.00
-bananas- .89
-sargento string cheese- 2.99---this is a great deal..regular price is 5.99!
-kroger frozen pizza- 3.50 its as good as california pizza kitchen pizza:)
-pantene shampoo- 3.34- used uploaded coupon for buy one shampoo get styling product for free!
-pantene mouse- 3.34- free after my coupon:)
-raspberries- 1.00
-kroger ground beef- 1.49 x 3= 4.47
- 2 sets of kelly barbie dolls ....3.75 x 2= 7.50! these are Christmas gifts..they were 14.99 each!!!

total: 54.49 (this was the total after all the coups!)

here are the coupons:i dont remember what these all are:) i so wish i could:)
-1.00-crest toothpaste
-3.00-peelie on the airwick
-.75- oral b manual toothbrush
-1.00-peelie on paula deen
-.50-kroger doubled
-.49-kroger doubled
-2.00- gilette body wash
-.50- cottonelle coupon
-.50-kroger doubled
-.45-kroger doubled
-5.00- febreeze noticable kit mani coupon
.50- kroger doubled
.50-kroger doubled
.45- kroger doubled

the bottom of my receipt says:
mfg coupon savings: 28.84
bonus coupon savings: 3.64
store coupons and kroger plus savings: 28.20
total coupons: 60.68!!!!!!!!!!!!!
total savings: 53 % yup 53 %!!!!!!!!

oh and i got 2 free subscriptions coupons to good housekeeping for some reason, so if you need one let me know:) first come first serve:) i already get the mag:)

wow what a day!! ok lets do meijer first:)

so i spent quite a bit of time this morning planning my trip..looked at the weekly ad online , then clicked on the meijer gold box coupons, and printed the ones i needed:)
and here's what i did:)

tortillas- 1.29
taco shells- 1.30
betty crocker cookie mix- 1.78- thought it would be fun for me and emma to make these:)
3 eggo waffles- 1.89 x 3= 5.67- this is all baby b will eat:):)
animal crackers- .89 was 1.39
applesauce -1.00 was 1.45
daisy sour cream- 1.00 was 1.97
english muffins- 1.05 was 1.17 wow saved .12:)
english muffins- 1.25 was 2.19
arm and hammer essentials cleaner- 2.39 was 2.89

total: 17.62

-.40 betty crocker cookies
-.40 betty crocker cookies *meijer doubles the coups:)
-.55 eggo waffles coupon from sunday paper
-.45 meijer doubled:)
-1.00 coupon from meijer goldbox website....it was 1.00 off the purchase of 3 eggo products....

new total: 14.82
tax: .16

14.98, oh also there was a coupon in sundays paper for a rebate on the arm and hammer, so i will get 2.39 back for that;)

October 6, 2008

rite aid gift card for transferring a prescription!

so my dear friend mindy sent me this link


please cut and paste it not sure how to do a direct link?

just so happened one of my prescriptions had just run out! so i printed the coupon and took my happy deal saving self right over to rite aid with my prescription bottle.. gave the lady my insurance card and bottle and seriously 10 minutes later..i had my prescription which was the exact same price as what i paid at meijer, and the pharmacist activated my 30 dollar gift card!! yah no waiting for it to be mailed to me!
i'm excited to see what deals rite aid has and if worse comes to worse ill get some diapers:)
oh and in with my script were 4 more 30 dollar gift card offers--so if i have 4 more scrips ill so be using those too!

cvs -10-6-08

so i went to cvs last night, and um i left very disappointed they had NOTHING on my list...except milk..um not gonna work for me...

so today i went to another cvs and they had everything!! i will go there first next time!

i got a 5 of 25 coupon from the scanner--, so i had to use that:)

2 percent milk- 2.99
vit d milk- 2.99
purex lavendar detergent- 2.99---oops i left this out of the photo:)
always infinity pads 16ct- 4.98
heath candy bars- 2.99-- stocking up for halloween:)
kit kat candy bars-2.99-- stocking up for halloween:
nestle pure life water- 4.99
shout liquid- 3.75--- with 2 toddlers this is a must:)
cvs pen sanitizing spray- 1.79
cvs pen sanitizing spray- 1.79

total: 31.99
-2.99- for the candy was buy one get one free....
-.35 purex from sundays paper
-.75 shout
-1.00 extra care buck from candy deal last week:)
-2.00 extra care bucks from my quarterly 2% reward
-5.00 off 25 coupon!
-5.00 extra care bucks from razor last week
-5.79 extra care bucks from covergirl foundation

new total:
and i got 1.00 ecb for the water, and 4.98 ecb for the always pads, then i realized i got the wrong size sanitizer spray for the extra care bucks..so i went to the other cvs and returned the wrong ones for a refund of 3.81--

and i purchased 3 of the KIDS san. spray for
1.99 x 3 = 5.97

paid with my 4.98 ecb from the always pads.....

so my total was .99 plus tax= 1.06, and i got 3.00 ecb back!!
so my out of pocket total today was: 9.11- 3.81 refund: 5.30 + 1.05 from sanitizing spray) = 6.35, and i have 4 ecbs for next week....!!!!!!

so i got all of this for 2.35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 5, 2008

just for you melissa:):)

ok so i know that when you first start this it can be very confusing , so for my friends that are newbies, here's what i would do it at cvs:):) i have enough medicine to last for 6 years so..i am not doing this deal:)

first off run to the register get you a cvs extra care card!:) they will give it you right on the spot-- then when you get home go to cvs.com and register your card..and you will get a coupon sent to your email:):)

ok sorry back to the regular scheduled program:):) ha ha! melissa you know i'm funny:)

so on page 8 of the cvs ad...
spend 20 of items on this page get 10 extra care bucks:
i would get
tylenol cold- 6.00, use coupon for sunday paper...
pedia care-6.00
tylenol extra strength- use coupon from paper
and a mylanta--you always need that:)-6.00-- use coupon from paper

so your total should be around 21.00 after your coupons..i think they are good for a dollar each:)
so you will pay 21.00 for these meds, but then you will get 10 extra care bucks!

transaction 2!
always infinity pads..14-18 count----4.98 ( on page 20)
then turn in your hymnal to page 15...oh wait your cvs ad to page 15:)
get the colgate maxfresh toothpaste for-- 2.99
then head on over to page 14 of your ad:) i want you to get 2 of the cvs/pharmacy sanitizing spray for 1.99 each you have to get the spray for KIDS..i found it in the baby aisle by the diapers hanging up in front of the diapers!, so total on those is 3.98!
(you have to spend ten or more dollars to use your 10 dollar ecb---)

so total for this transaction is: 11.95!
but wait pay with the 10 extra care bucks from your tylenol deal!
so your new total is 1.95 plus tax!!!!!!!!!
but wait there's more..geesh i sound like an infomercial:)
you will get extracare bucks this time too:)
you will get 4.98 for always pads
2.00 for colgate
2.00 for the sanitizing spray!

so you get 8.98 for next weeks deals:)

have fun and please please let me know if you did this deal!!!!!!!!!!

October 4, 2008

kmart- super double coupon deals!

so my friend mindy reminded me this was the weekend for kmarts super double coupon event...and this time middletown was participating!!
they would double coupons up to 2.00!!
the deal started wednesday, and i went on friday so somethings were out of stock, but i was still way happy!

i got all this for...oh i'm not going to tell you you just need to read to the end of this post:)
jergens lotion- 2.50
colgate toothbrush- 2.00
colgate toothbrush- 2.00
colgate total wave toothbrush- 2.00
adv fresh toothpaste- 3.99
colgate max fresh mint toothpaste- 2 x 2.99= 5.98
kotex maxi-3.49
crest kids- 2.99
mach 3 disposal razors- 5.99
womens x3cp 4ct razors- 4.99
scrubbing bubbles- 3.19
pal dish soap- 2.79

ok here's my coupons;) some came from sunday papers, but mostly they came from all you magazine sept. issue!
-1.00 jergens
-1.00 kmart doubled
jergens original price 2.50 - 2.00 coupons :new price .50 cents yup thats not a typo .50 cents!!!!!!!!!!
-.75 colgate toothbrush coupon
-.75 kmart doubled!
toothbrush price 2.00- 1.50: new price .50 cents!!!
-.75 coupon for colgate toothbrush
-.75 kmart doubled
toothbrush price 2.00- 1.50: new price .50 cents!!!
-1.50 colgate total *all you magazine!
-1.49 kmart doubled
toothpaste total was 2.99- 2.99: new price FREE!
-1.00- colgate advanced
-1.00- kmart doubled
new price for toothpaste: 3.99-2.00: 2.00-- not sure why i got this toothpaste.? rooke mistake:))
-1.00-colgate advanced max fresh
-1.00- kmart doubled
2.99- 2.00= new price was .99!!!
-1.00-colgate advanced max fresh
-1.00-kmart doubled
2.99- 2.00= new price was .99!!!
-1.00 kotex
-1.00 kmart doubled
new price for kotex: 2.49-2.00= .49!!!
-1.00 crest kids
-1.00 kmart doubled
new price for crest kids 2.99-2.00= .99
-2.00- mach 3 razors
-2.00- kmart doubled
new price for razors 5.99-4.00= 1.99 not too shabby:)
-2.00 womens razors
-2.00 kmart doubled
new price for womens razors 4.99-4.00= .99 !!!
-1.00 scrubbing bubbles
-1.00 kmart doubled
new price for scrubbing bubbles: 3.19-2.00= 1.19
-1.00 palmolive
-1.00 kmart doubled
new price for palm. 2.79-2.00= .79!

so coupon total was: 27.49

so lets do the math on this one:)
41.91-27.49= 14.42 plus tax 1.76=

not bad for:
3 colgate toothbrushes
4 colgate toothpaste
1 kotex
1 jergens lotion
1 mach 3 disposable razors
1 womens disposable razors
1 scrubbing bubbles
1 pal. dish soap

October 3, 2008

walgreens again:) 10-3-08

so here's what i did:)

5 soft soaps body wash- 3.49 x 5= 17.45
2 snuggle fabric softner- 4.99 x 2 = 9.98- i just needed this..not a great deal:)

total: $27.43
used $1 off soft soap coupon from easy saver catalog, it automatically took 5 dollars off- $5 off
used $5 off 20 printable coupon
used 2 $.40 coupon for snuggle from sunday paper

new total: $16.63
used $4.50 rapid reward from oral b toothbrush i got earlier this week
used $4.50 rapid reward from other oral b toothbrush:)
used $2.00 rapid reward from nutrigrain deal earlier this week..

new total: $5.63 plus tax = i think it was $7.03

but i got $10 rapid reward for next weeks shopping;):) so walgreens paid me $3 to take this stuff:)

i also add a $1 printable coupon from softsoap that mindi told me about , but the cashier forgot to scan it,..and i noticed it when i was in the car..its not worth taking 2 kids out of the car for a dollar:):)

walgreens deal- friday and saturday only!

walgreens has another 5 of 20 coupon good today and tomorrow
mindy sent me a scenario for you newbies to try:)

Easy Peasy Walgreens deal, using their $5/20 coupon good today or tomorrow.

Buy 5 softsoap bodywashes, use $1 off coupon in the Easy Saver book (pg 15)
Buy 3 Childrens Tylenol,infant doesnt work for this deal..so make sure you get the 1 oz age 2-11... use $1.50 off coupon in the Easy Saver book you can find this booklet at front of store by the weekly ads..if you dont see it ask! (pg 23)
Buy approx $1.50 in filler ... candy for beggars nite?

Use these coupons.. you should be able to print 2 tylenols and 1 of each SS bodywash.
SoftSoap -

Tylenol - https://www.tylenol.com/vcrc/manage/nmtycampaign.jhtml?oid=5315
Walgreens $5/20 -http://www.walgreens.com/hotbuys/default.jsp

Your totals should add up like this:
SS 3.49 x 5 = 17.45
Tylenol 4.99 x 3 = 14.97
Candy 1.50 x 1 = 1.50
Subtotal = 33.92

let them add this up then give them your coupons!

Coupons -
Soft Soap printed -$2
Tylenol printed -$2
Walgreens Book Soft Soap -$5- it will automatically take the coupon amount of each bottle...you only have to give them one coupon
Walgreens Book Tylenol -$4.50
Walgreens printed -$5.00 of 20

You'll pay 15.42 + tax

Youl'll get: $10 Register Reward for the SoftSoap purchase, $5.00 Register Reward for the Tylenol purchase. You might get $2 Register Reward bonus for Tylenol.

Use your Register Rewards on a future purchase (say... diaper drop anyone??) Essentially making today's purchase pretty darn close to free.