October 11, 2008

cheap cereal at meijers!

saw this deal on cheapsk8mom.blogspot.com

go to coupons.com- print off the 1.00 off coupons for Kellogg's Mini Wheats - Strawberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon Streusel, Maple Brown Sugar,and Vanilla Creme these are on sale 2/$5 at meijer. There are 3 different coupons:)

so i bought
3 frosted mini wheats- 2.50 x 3= 7.50
1 bottle white vinegar.*stinky washer enough said:)-1.00

total: 8.50
then gave the cashier my 3 1.00 off coupons that i printed off!
for -3.00
new total: 5.50
here's the fun part..i got a 3.00 off coupon for next order from buying the cereal!!
so i got those boxes for .50 cents each after the printable coupons and the catalina coupon for meijer! 7.50-3.00 printable coupons= 4.50-3.00=1.50 for 3 boxes!

transaction 2:
2 betty crocker warm delights- 1.99x2=3.98
stonyfield yogurt for the young lad in the house:) -3.00
total: 6.98
-.50 coupon for betty crocker warm delights
-.50- meijer doubled
-.50 coupon for betty crock warm delights
-.50 meijer doubles
-1.00 stonyfield yogurt good at meijers
-3.00 from cereal deal!!
new total: .98 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so total for both transactions: 6.48!!!!!!!!!!


Meridith said...

WOW!!! Wish we had a meijers here....

Caitlin said...

as poor college students, my roommates and I are loving this. thanks for sharing :)

andrea said...

caitlin darling..you and your roomies should go to cvs and walgreens weekly!! there are great deals to be had!! :)
i update alot so keep checking in!:)

love ya girlie!