January 27, 2010

luvs diapers for 3.70 a pack after rebate from diapers.com

hi friends....
a friend of mine posted this on fb its a great deal!!

Go to diapers.com and order 7 packs of Luvs for $6.99 plus one travel pack of pampers wipes $1.99 that will bring you over the $49 for free shipping. If you are a New Customers you can get $10 off your order,by using the code - FLAN1620 and i will get $5 off, plus if you use ebates you get an extra 1-3% back.
You also get a free subscription to Parenting magazine but can request a rebate of $14.97 instead
here is the form for the rebate request http://www.diapers.com/helpcenter/parenting.htm making each pack of diapers $3.70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i ordered today, and will have my order on friday!!!

happy diaper shopping!!!

January 5, 2010

wow another fab deal!

hi friends
i just saw this deal on
http://swaggrabber.com/ and thought i'd pass it on!!

go here to get a free canvas..

you upload your photo then pick your size...you get a free 8 by 10 or $55 off any other size! you do have to pay shipping...I ordered an 8 by 10 canvas of our family photo from the beach last week! I paid 14.95~~~~~I think this is so unique and should look great!!

regular price is $49.99!!!

January 4, 2010

and the good deals keep on coming!!!

So went to sams club today- totally not looking for anything special:)

but then I saw this--
step2 market fresh kitchen! It was on sale because it was the display model...

Oh my word people it sells for 199- 237!

guess how much I paid..come on guess!!!

I paid 42.00~~~~~~~~~~~and it came assembled with all the accesories!!!!! Im so excited!!!!

January 3, 2010

70% off personalized stationary!

go here
and use code madness takes an extra 70% off and free shipping!!

so cute!!!
I chose to get mine personalized with Thinking of You, and Praying for you..so I can send out some encouragement cards!

here are the ones I chose:
and this one

my total was 10.92 for 50 cards and envelopes! Not to shabby:)

January 2, 2010

Target christmas clearance - 75% off

This is one of my favorite sales of the year!!
Disney Christmas Cd was 6.99, I paid 1.24
Peppermint Bark was 8.49, I paid 2.12
Christmas cookies was 2.99, I paid .74
Disney Princess Lip Gloss Set was 4.99, I paid 1.24
4 Placemats were 9.99, I paid 2.49
Snowman plate was 1.79, I paid .44
2 Santa Trays were 5.98, I paid 1.48
Santa Cup was 1.99, I paid .49
3 Small tumblers were 4.47, I paid 1.11
Snowman Cup was 1.49, I paid .37
Small Christmas tree was 9.99, I paid 2.49 - not pictured because my 2 year old wouldnt put this down:)
100 ct. tissue paper for gifts, was 2.99, I paid .74
4 Decorative Picks were 7.96, I paid 1.96
Ornament Set was 15.00, I paid 3.75 - these were a must because once again my 2 year old destroyed most of my silver ornaments on the tree this year:)
Cars Stocking was 12.99, I paid 3.24
Disney Princess Craft Set was 14.99, I paid 3.74
GiJoe Holiday Set was 8.99, I paid 2.24
total before 75% off was: 123.87
my total was : 32.17 after tax~~
so I saved 91.70 or 75%

kohls after christmas clearance

I had $20 in Kohls cash..so off we went to see what i could get:)
carters skirt- was 18.00 i paid 1.80
get well card - .99
placemat- was 4.99 i paid 1.49
placemat- was 4.99 i paid 1.49
table covering- was 6.99 i paid 2.09
table covering was 6.99 i paid 2.09
geotrax set- was 17.99 i paid 8.99 (will put this away for little mans bday in may)
fisher price bathtoy set- was 6.99 i paid 3.49

total before discounts: 67.93
after discounts: 22.43
-$ 20 kohls cash
my total was 2.43 + .16 tax= 2.59!!!

happy day!!!!