October 9, 2008

proud of myself today

so i went to babycheapskate.com, and saw that amazon.com is having a sale on robeez shoes, spend 50 get 10 off. So i add 3 pairs to my cart, 2 for em and 1 for bren (thought they could wear them around the house during the winter, they are super comfy)... and place my order. My total was 42 after the coupon, so I call bryan and say i bought 3 pairs..he says um..i dont really love them...could we get them slippers from target? Well i say, emma really likes the snowman ones...but i will cancel the other two pairs....so i did...so instead of spending 42, I spent 14.89. I get free 2 day shipping! So now i'm happy, em's happy, and bren doesnt know he's missing out on the deal:) he's napping:)

regular price: 31.95
sale price: 14.89
savings: 17.06 or 53%

so the moral of the story..don't go overspend just to save a few dollars!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

lovinmykids said...

I love those Robeez! We use them for house slippers, especially in the winter when dh is trying to be frugal and keep the heating bill down.

PS I am loving your blog!