October 3, 2008

walgreens again:) 10-3-08

so here's what i did:)

5 soft soaps body wash- 3.49 x 5= 17.45
2 snuggle fabric softner- 4.99 x 2 = 9.98- i just needed this..not a great deal:)

total: $27.43
used $1 off soft soap coupon from easy saver catalog, it automatically took 5 dollars off- $5 off
used $5 off 20 printable coupon
used 2 $.40 coupon for snuggle from sunday paper

new total: $16.63
used $4.50 rapid reward from oral b toothbrush i got earlier this week
used $4.50 rapid reward from other oral b toothbrush:)
used $2.00 rapid reward from nutrigrain deal earlier this week..

new total: $5.63 plus tax = i think it was $7.03

but i got $10 rapid reward for next weeks shopping;):) so walgreens paid me $3 to take this stuff:)

i also add a $1 printable coupon from softsoap that mindi told me about , but the cashier forgot to scan it,..and i noticed it when i was in the car..its not worth taking 2 kids out of the car for a dollar:):)

1 comment:

mbrocker said...

Ack, I am so jealous. My WAG's considers the RR's to be coupons. So I can't use them when using the $5/20 coupons. Maybe I'll ask next time...