December 29, 2009

leapster games at toys r us!!

hurry to and print the $5 off any leapster will let you print twice!!

toys r us has the leapster games buy one get one free this week!!!!

so here's what i got!!:)

tinkerbelle game- 24.99
ne hi kylan game 24.99
learn to write and draw game- 24.99
disney princess game- 24.99

reg. retail would've been 99.94
tinkerbelle game- 24.99
ne hi kylan game 24.99-- Free
learn to write and draw game- 24.99
disney princess game- 24.99 Free
-49.98 free games
-5.00 off leapster game from
-5.00 off leapster game from

so my total was: 39.96!!!!! 9.99 a game!!!!!!!!!!!!
for a savings of 59.98 or 60%

November 25, 2009

woo hoo for

so i just got miss e her 'big "christmas gift:) is having their black friday sale today!!

so heres how i got em the leapster lmx and 3 games, plus a toy for mr. b:) for 57 shipped! if you spend 50 shipping is free...
use promo code: hy8yub takes 10 off of 50 purchase!

Leapster L-Max™ Learning Game System
Leapster L-Max™ Game: Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue
NEW! Leapster® Game: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Leapster® Game: Sonic X™
Match Up!

- $10.00
- $9.95

November 12, 2009

great deal on leapfrog tag system

learned about this from
The Leap Frog Tag Reader is on sale for $39.99 at Target.
Use a $10 printable Target coupon found here Target printable
Leapfrog printable coupon for $10, Leap Frog Coupon and that brings the price down to $19.99.

November 11, 2009

kohls deal!! see how i got 229 cookware for 88 dollars!!

I am sooo very excited about this!!
my precious mom hasn't had new cookware in oh i decided i'd get her that for Christmas!!

look at this deal!!

your like uh woman i thought you were about saving money!!
oh just wait!!!

now here's the dealio! i added a color wonder book to make my total over 150! youll see why in a sec:)
199.00- cookware
7.14 - color wonder book for stocking stuffer:)

total: 207.13
use code novkc30 for 30% off = -62.14
so my new total is : 154.06!!!!
but wait theres more:)
i will get $30 kohls cash for spending 150......
then go here to print a mail in rebate form for $30 when you buy certain rachel ray products
and i went through ebates , 4 % cashback- 6.16

-30 kohls cash
-30 rebate
= 87.90!

November 9, 2009

its game time!

toys r us and hasbro makes my heart happy!!

look at this deal:

perfection- 19.99 on sale for 9.99
connect four- 15.99 on sale for 9.99
memory- 9.99 on sale for 3.99
dont break the ice- 9.99 on sale for 3.99

total: 27.96
hold on it gets better! when you spend 25 in hasbro games, u get an instant $10 gift card to use on next purchase...
and then...wait for it wait for it....
hasbro has a mail in rebate, on the games that are on sale for 3.99, i will get 2.00 back, and the 9.99 games i will get 3.00 back on each game
so what im saying to you people is i will get a 10 rebate check from hasbro.....!!!!!!!

so break it down with me...
-10.00 gift card
-10.00 rebate check

equals 7.96 for 4 games!!!!!!!!!!!!
im not gonna lie i got perfection for pure nostalgic reasons! i love that game:);)
hurry to toys r us to get this deal:)
heres a link to the rebate form...thank you gottadeal:)

oh gracious toys r us i love getting bonus items :)

went to toys r us today, and got some great deals!

got the kids this for christmas:

and i got this minivan for free! thats all kinds of fun!

November 8, 2009

great movie deal:

great deal on this!
free shipping too!
my kids love madagascar im sure we'll love this !!!
DVD: Merry Madagascar / Party With The Penguins (Special Collector's Edition 2-Pack) (Exclusive) (Widescreen)

8.00 for 2 dvds!!!

November 7, 2009

yippee for halloween clearance at target!!!

welp i knew the 90% clearance was coming, and I got lucky enough to find a few items:)

here's the rundown:
leggings for miss e= 5.99 i paid .59 cents!!!!!
monster placemats- 3.98 i paid .38 cents!!!!
monster napkins= 5 packs were 7.95 i paid .75 cents!!!
obi wan kanobe costume=19.99 i paid 1.99!!!
ninja costume was 9.99, i paid .99 cents!!!!
toddler girl costume was 9.99 i paid .99 cents!!!!

total before discount: 57.89
total after: 5.69 !!!!!!!
i saved: 52.20, or 90%

fun times!!!

November 6, 2009

30% off gymboree sale

Found some great deals on today for my little man:)

the 30 % is good even off of clearance...they have super cute pjs for 15.00 - the 30%....ive found gymboree clothes last a LONG time!

heres the promo code--



October 27, 2009

yes im still alive!!

hi blogger friends...

life is busy!

but i wanted to tell you about an amazing sale that southwest airlines is having

i just got roundtrip tickets for 89 total..that includes taxes!!

check out the sale!!
tickets will go fast!!

72 hour sale

travel dates are dec 2-19 , and jan. 5- feb. 10


August 18, 2009

found a new blog

i love!!
check it out:

Kmart Super Double Coups Again:)

Here's how I did:)

body wash- 2.00
secret deod.-2.49
edge shave gel- 2.79
reach twin pack- 5.35
pert shampoo- 2.50
sure deo.- 2.29
2 4 packs of ziploc containers- 5.38
little swimmers- 7.89
chinet plates-4.49
shout- 1.94
total before coupons: 37.12 + 1.60= 38.80

used .50 off suave body wash= doubled to 1.00- final price 1.00
used 1.00 off any secret= doubled to 2.00- final price .49
used .75 off edge shave gel- doubled to 1.50-final price 1.29
used 2.00 off reach - doubled to 4.00- final price 1.35
used 1.00 off pert plus- doubled to 2.00-final price .50
used .75 off sure deod.- doubled to 1.50- final price .79
used 1.50 off 2 ziplock containers, doubled to 3.00- final price 1.19 each x 2- 2.38
used 1.50 off little swimmers- doubled to 3.00- final price- 4.89
used 2.00 off chinet- doubled to 4.00= final price- .49
used .55 off shout- doubled to 1.10- final price .84

new total: 14.02+ 1.60 tax = $15.62
so I saved: $23.18, or 60 percent!!!

be careful when u will find that even though they double the coupons it is not always a great can save those coupons for cvs or walgreens deals!!

August 3, 2009

savings on always at krogers

First off can we talk about how fab the coupons were in yesterdays paper? WOWSA- I even went out and bought another one:)

kroger is running a special on select p and g products: buy 4 save $4 instantly--
so here's what I did:

4 packs of always products... on sale for 2.99= 2.99 x 4= $11.96

total 11.96
-1.00-.50 coupon from yesterdays paper..kroger doubled to a 1.00--wish i had more coupons!
-4.00 instantly taken off for buying 4 p and g products
new total: 6.96 not bad for 4 packs of personal products=1.74 a pack
saved 5.00 or 42%---

another awesome deal on kid shoes:)

Went to kohls and found these: they were in the kids clothing department not the shoe department random but oh so fun!:)

cute right?
um look at this price..even cuter now:):)

were 24.99 x 2 = 49.98
I paid 4.99 x 2= 9.98
savings of 80% or 40.00----!!!!

July 29, 2009

trying something new

So last week the hubby and i decided we are so over eating out.We seriously used to eat it out 4 of 7 nights...thats ridiculous, costly and bad for our health. We got to the point where it would take us 15 minutes to figure out what sounded good for dinner. We were just eating the same thing over and over. So for the past few days i've been looking through the cookbooks- jotting down recipes, making grocery lists etc.I figured out that I have 15 meals to rotate and today i went to sams and kroger and got all the ingredients for said meals.It was a little higher bill for us, but when u compare all that I got its really not that bad!! Also this beats going to the store every few days for a few things and coming out with 30 dollars worth of junk...
so the menu planning u all do that? if yes what are some of your fav meals?

spent 99 at sams-
spent 106 at kroger-

total: $205- this includes roast, beef tips, 6 pounds of chicken, 4 pounds of chicken nuggets, pork chops, ground beef..and all the ingredients for my 15 meals that i plan to rotate...kroger was having a great sale on meat!..also includes fabric softner and laundry detergent...etc...
i still have a huge stockpile on shampoo, razors, toothpaste, etc from my cvs walgreens awesome deals.....

um im totally ashamed of this next number but it needs to be said
from 7-15---7-29 we spent $349 on is unbelievable...OMG for a family of 4 that is not ok! This is a few of those run to the store for milk, come back with a 30 reciept...
u know a trip to mcdonalds can run us 15.00, a trip to arbys really adds up quickly!!
I hope this will be a challenge to us all to be wise stewards!
I am going to work my hardest to make that total on food to go way down!

July 26, 2009

great deal on toddler girl shoes

so my 4 year old is going to pre-k and they aren't allowed to wear crocs at school, and thats all my child we went shoe shopping:)
found some great deals!
these are from finish line

original price: $44.99
on sale for 14.00!!!
and the best part my girl Loves them:)
savings of 30.99, 69%

July 10, 2009

the best life jacket ever:)

so we've been spending lots of time at the pool this summer...

and my 2 year old has no fear, doesnt like to be held while in the my sister told me about these floats... called puddle jumpers they are AMAZING!
i got ours at walmart for 15.00---here's an example

they have a frog, duckling, lobster, and a shark:)

so fab== seriously

June 22, 2009

great deal on makeup

got this in an email from my friend brandy:)

Nordstrom is changing the logo on their makeup so they're selling
everything for $1 online.
The make-up line E.L.F. (eyes-lips-face-nails) has been bought out by
Nordstrom and will be re-packaged with the Nordstrom name on it. They
are getting rid of everything in the ELF packaging.
They are selling most things for $1. You do have to pay shipping.
They have everything: powder, mascara, lipstick, a mineral line,
brushes, etc.

*** The website is:

When you check out there is a space for a coupon code.

*** Use CAROLINA and save an additional $7.50 if your order is over

June 15, 2009


oh my word..thank you gotta deal forums for the heads up on this one!

if you have a kohls charge you can get an amazing deal on this towel!

the towels are on sale buy one get one free-- great deal right? oh wait theres more!

add 2 to your cart..for some reason the on sale price is 8.00!!! um yah for 2 ~
so i ordered 8 of these towels-
total before sale would have been: 19.99 x 8= 159.92 (never in a million years would i spend that much on towels!!)

anyway back to our regularly scheduled program:
the new total after sales price is 32.00 (remember they are bogofree)

ok heres the fun part: I have 2 codes for if you use your kohls card:
the code for free shipping is :
then I have a code for 30%- that promo code is father30

so my new total for 8 towels is
-9.60 *30% promo code
free shipping

23.80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!are you serious? that's less than 3.00 a towel and its VERA WANG excuse me very much!!!!!!!!!!!

here's the link to this deal-- not sure how long it will last !! you'll have to cut and paste sorry still cant figure out how to insert a link:(

regular place would have been 159.92
after sales/discounts/ 23.80~~~~~~~~~~

so i saved: $136.12 or 85%

May 12, 2009

cvs deals- may 10-may 17

this was another one of those check your receipt before you leave!
when i looked at my receipt it only gave me 2.00 in ecbs...i was supposed to get 9.00 in that took a little extra time...but well worth it..the cashier was able to have the register print them out right there in the store..which was nice..but once again really check over that receipt!!

swim ring- 1.50
swim arm bands- 1.50
3 packs double a batteries- 2.99 x 3= 8.97
crest prohealth mouthwash- 3.49
crest toothpaste- 3.49
3 colgate toothbrush- 3.49 x 3= 10.47

total: 29.42
- .50- crest
- 1.00- colgate
- 1.00- batteries
-1.00 batteries
-1.00 batteries
- 10.00 extra care bucks from last week-

new total: 14.92, but then I got 2.00 ecbs for crest mouthwash, 2.00 ecbs for crest toothpaste, 5.00 ecbs for the toothbrush deal!
so real total was: 14.92 - 9.00 ecbs= 5.92
so i saved: 23.50 or 80% after coupons and ecbs

walgreens deals

truath milk- 1.19
trauth milk- 1.19
colgate max fresh toothbrush-2.99

total: 5.37
-1.00 coupon for toothbrush

new total 4.37 + .19 tax= 4.56
and then i got 2.00 rr for buying the toothbrush!!

then i did my second transaction:
2 packs of diapers- 8.99 x 2= 18.56
they were on sale buy one get one free- so new total was $9.56
total: $9.56
- 2.00 rr from toothbrush
so new total: 7.56
savings of $11 or 59%

note: make sure you check those receipts and really pay attention when checking out!
the cashier told me my total on the diapers was 18.56 i said they are buy one get one free..she said where did u see that? i said um on the front page of your ad..
she tried to tell me that the ones that were buy one get one free were different than what i mine were size 5 instead of size 4...yes she was serious telling me they weren't part of the deal-- oh Lord!! now im usually calm , but she treated me as if i were scamming her by picking up a different size..finally she called over the manager who said..whats the problem..these are on ring them in buy one get one free....

April 21, 2009

oh i've been saving this week:)

we'll start with my trip to meijer!
there are some fab coupons from sundays paper!!
without further ado deals:

goldfish was 2.19 on sale for 1.00
ego pancakes was 2.19 now 1.47
4 ortego taco seasoning- .60 each x 4= 2.40
banana cheerios= was 3.99 now 2.00
electrasol was 3.85 now 3.00
electrasol was 3.85 now 3.00
slice cheese- was 3.79 now 3.00

total after sale prices: 15.87
coupons i used:
.40 off sargento cheese
.40 meijer doubles so i paid 2.20 for cheese
.75 off 2 ortego products
.25 meijer doubles up to 1.00 so i paid .20 for 2 taco seasoning
.75 off 2 ortego products
.25 meijer doubles up to 1.00 so i paid .20 for 2 taco seasoning
.75 banana nut cheerios
.25 meijer doubles up to 1.00 so i paid 1.00 for cheerios!
-2.50 electrasol so I paid .50 for electrasol
-2.50 electrasol so I paid .50 for electrasol

total after coupons: $7.07!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saved: 8.80 or 46%

April 13, 2009

target- Easter clearance!

the kids got up early today so off to the target we went:) I didnt do easter baskets for the kidlets..because i knew I could get a better deal if I waited and bought stuff today:) They are little so they didn't care :) Gram got them easter baskets so it was all good:)

2 bunny placemats- were 3.98, now 1.98
3 hershey bliss- 3 bags I love this candy:)= were 9.87 now 4.92
whopper eggs- (the husbands fav.)- was 2.11 now 1.05
dove eggs- were 3.29, now 1.64
m and ms= were 2.70, now 1.39
m and ms= were 2.70, now 1.39
2 easter egg decorating kits- was 1.99, now .98
sports wrap for eggs- was 1.99, now .99
playdough easter basket- was 14.99, now 7.49--I bought one of these last years and it was a BIG hit!! My daughter plays with it often, so I thought oh why not get another one:)
disney spring princess set- was 14.99, now 7.49!! my little one is such the princess..this was the first thing she picked out..and she said now mom we cant get everything we can only get one big thing:)

total before clearance: $58.78
I paid: $29.33

savings of 29.45, or 50%

April 3, 2009

wow great deal on nickeloden dvds

ok if your kids are obsessed with nick jr. dvd's like mine you dont want to miss this deal!!

click here: nickelodeon buy one get one free dvds. free shipping!

i just ordered my kids 6 dvds for our upcoming trip to florida for 36 dollars ...yup got them for $6 each!!

makes me way happy!!

April 2, 2009

great deal on a toy:)

I've been watching this since before Christmas it is so adorable!
Look at this deal from
It's 50 percent off!

click here: fisher price play n go schoolhouse:)
select ship to store and shipping is free..standard shipping is only 1.97!!!!!

March 18, 2009

walgreens 3-18

oh it felt good to save:)
i've kinda been cutting back..since i have so much stockpiled:), but these were fab deals!!
transaction 1

listerine- 3.00
reach ultra clean toothbrush- 3.00
reach floss- 3.00
garneir styling product- 3.99
garnier glisten drops- 3.01
2 thingamajig candy bars-- 1.00 YES I ATE ONE GET OFF MY BACK:)

total: 17 plus 1.00 tax= 18.00
- 4.00 used 2.00 off garnier products from easy saver cat. so it took off -4.00
- 2.00 used 2 l.00 garnier coups from the paper- -2.00
-3.oo off when you buy listerine, reach toothbrush, and floss....

total 8.00 plus 1.00 tax...but I got 6.00 in register rewards for the reach/listerine deal!!

transaction 2:

2 packs walgreens diapers- 9.00
total including tax 9.56
-6.00 register reward from transaction 1!!!

new total: 3.56!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so total for both transactions before coups- 27.56
total after coups and rewards- 12.56

savings of 15.00 or 55%

March 9, 2009


just a heads up on some fab. deals

Garnier Fructis products are on sale for 2.99
use $2.00 off garnier products found in easy saver catalog
-1.00 off coupon from yesterdays paper...


even if you don't have the coupon from the paper- .99 is a great deal for quality hair care products!

they also have an awesome deal on huggies
buy 25 get 10 back
there are some awesome huggies coupons available at
i think you can print them each twice!
so happy diaper deal to you!

sams club deal.

who would have thought:)
went to sams club yesterday..their milk is 1.87 a gallon..and thats for vit. D!!
anyway..saw this and LOVED it...

its nice and big..and waterproof:) so i'll use it for beach and pool etc!
it is a kenneth cole reaction purse, loved the price even more!
The tag says:
I paid 9.71!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!

so i saved: 78.29, 89%~~

I also got a beautiful bcbg black dress for 7.81

March 1, 2009

february savings

oh yipee its the beginning of the month so I get to figure out how much I've saved!!

total before clearance price: 79.94
after clearance: 19.84

total: 19.96
after: 3.76

total: 7.99
after: 1.55

Original Price : 144.86
I paid: 36.22

I went back for more pjs for miss e and my niece!
original price: 150.21
I paid: 37.65

total: 90.98
I paid: 23.58

total: 55.04
i paid: 11.35

total: 548.98
after coupons, discounts, register rewards, and ecbs: 133.95
savings of: 416.03, 76%

February 18, 2009

target 2-18- valentines finds:)

ok first i must say that everytime we go to target miss e shows me the giant pixo set , so you can imagine her excitement when she saw the tiny set:) And even more excited when she saw the big 75% clearance sign:)Several of these items will be put up and saved for Easter baskets:)
so here it goes:
pixos- was 5.99 each...i paid 1.49
pixos- was 5.99 each...i paid 1.49
pixos- was 5.99 each...i paid 1.49
pixos- was 5.99 each...i paid 1.49
valentine barbie activity pads: was 5.99 ...i paid 1.49
valentine princess activity pads: was 5.99 ...i paid 1.49
2 pack etcha sketch: was 5.99....i paid 1.49
spin globe- was 4.99...i paid 1.24
spin globe- was 4.99...i paid 1.24
valentines paper plates- were 1.99... I paid .49
valentines paper plates- were 1.99.... I paid .49
valentines paper plates- were 1.99... I paid .49
valentines paper plates- were 1.99.... I paid .49
valentines paper plates- were 1.99.... I paid .49
valentines paper plates- were 1.99..... I paid .49
notice some of this candy is not pictured, I took 2 bags to husbies work:)
hersheys bliss-- was 3.49.....i paid .87 these are soo delish
hershey kisses- was 2.79....i paid .69
hershey kisses- was 2.79....i paid .69
dove milk choc.- was 3.49...i paid .87
dove milk choc.- was 3.49...i paid .87

total before clearance price: 79.94
after clearance: 19.84
SAVINGS OF 60.10, 75%

February 15, 2009

walgreens diaper deal 2-15

I thought i'd break the deal down to make it less confusing!

walgreens has a great deal on diapers this week!
buy 2 packs of their walgreens brand diapers at 8.99 each your total will be 17.98
then they will automatically take 2.00 off your total bringing it to 15.98
then they have a coupon in the walgreens ad for $3.00 off each pack of diapers, you only need one coupon...the register automatically ... takes 3.00 off each pack:)
so your total will look like this
15.98- 6.00 from the coupon in their ad!
so you my dear friends will get 2 packs of diapers for your sweet peas for 9.98 plus tax!!

walgreens 2-15

needed some more diapers..i'm down to one pack...not acceptable:)

walgreens diapers- 8.99
walgreens diapers- 6.99
(walgreens has the deal on easy saver page 44- buy 2 packs of diapers at regular price save $2 off 2 packs)
2 bags of chips--m the husbie ate them before i could take a pic:)- .99 x2= 1.98
5 pack of cds- 2.00

total: 19.96
-6.00 (3.00 off each pack of diapers (coupon was in this weeks sales ad) they take 3.00 off each pack)
-6.00 register rewards from last week...
$4.95 on a gift card that I got for rebates last month
total: $3.76

savings of :$16.20 , 82%

February 14, 2009

great website for prescription glasses!

i just ordered 2 pairs of glasses with prescription lenses from zenni optical site...

they are fabulous!! seriously all you have to do is have your prescription and enter all the info..pick your frames and your good to go!

the 2 pairs I got came to 49.00 shipped!!!


so here's the site!!:)

February 12, 2009

surprise meijer deals!!

Went today to get a leotard for my sweet miss e.she starts gymnastics next saturday...imagine my pure delight when i saw signs that said take an additional 50% off kids clearance clothes!
these were on the clearance rack I was so excited!! I love how God has little surprises for us..this brings me great joy:)

bodywear was 12.99 marked down to 6.49...after 50% 3.25!!!!!!!
bodywear was 16.99 marked down to 8.49..after 50% 4.25!!!!!!!!
Another God thing is I just said to bryan the other day..i so need to get little man some new pjs he's having a real growth spurt! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!! also got little princess a few things:)

sleepwear was 12.99 marked down to 6.49 after 50% 3.25
sleepwear was 12.99 marked down to 6.49 after 50% 3.25
boys sleepwear was 12.99 marked down to 6.49 after 50% 3.25
toddler boy sleepwear was 14.99 now 7.49 after 50% 3.74
toddler girl sleepwear was 14.99 now 7.49 after 50% 3.74
toodler boy sleepwear was 14.99 now 7.49 after 50% 3.74
toodler boy sleepwear was 14.99 now 7.49 after 50% 3.74
girls dora nightgown was 15.99 now 7.99 after 50% 4.00

God is good:)
Original Price : 144.86
I paid: 36.22 + tax
Savings of 108.64 , or 75%

February 8, 2009


my friend kristie told me that kohls was having 80% off their i made sure i went today:) unfortunately most of the clothes for the kiddos were picked over...but i did get a few great deals!

disney princess boots were 39.99- on clearance for 7.99--- miss e can wear these for the next 2 winters...
carters boys snow boots were 39.99- on clearance for 11.99- now mr. man wont' have to wear his sisters boots next time we go play in the snow:) and He will wear these for 2 winter seasons
spiderman slippers were 11.00 now 3.60

total; 90.98

I paid: 23.58
savings of 67.40, 74%

CVS 2-8-09

oh fun times!

i love the save $15 off madagascar 2 if you buy 20 worth of p and g products- you end up getting it for 4.99

huggies clean team soap- 2.00
pampers baby dry diapers- 9.99
tide with febreeze- 6.49
duracell 8 pk double aa batteries- 5.99
madagascar 2 *NOT PICTURED- we're watching it now:) 19.99
cvs mouthwash- 2.59
fusion gamer razor- 7.99
total: 55.04
-.35 tide from todays paper
-.75 duracell batteries
-1.00 huggies soap
-1.00 pampers
-2.59 cvs coupon for free mouthwash i got this from scanning my cvs card!
-4.00 fusion razor from todays paper
-5.00 off 25 purchase from scanner
-10.00 ecbs from last weeks pepsi deal....
-15.00 instantly from cvs for buying 20.00 worth of pg products

new total: 15.35 and i got 4 ecb's for next weeks deals from buying the fusion gamer!
savings of 39.69, 72%

see how others do this week at cvs by checking out moneysavingsmom !!!

walgreens- 2-8-09

really easy razor deal this week!

on sale for 8.99, you get 6.00 Register rewards to use on your next purchase.
so here's my transaction:
venus razor: 8.99
- 2.00 coupon from today's paper:)
total: 6.99 + .56 = 7.55 but I got 6.00 rr back so its like getting the razor for 1.55!!!!!!!!!!!

kroger shopping update

i'm quite pleased with our kroger family shopping trip..and i want everyone to know we ate at home today! On a Sunday gasp!!!:)

we had an awesome meal..beef took about 5 minutes to prepare, and then i put it in the oven for 4 hours while i was at church...! day 1 of not eating out is a success:)

i'm quite pleased with our kroger family shopping trip..and i want everyone to know we ate at home today! On a Sunday gasp!!!:)

we had an awesome meal..beef took about 5 minutes to prepare, and then i put it in the oven for 4 hours while i was at church...! day 1 of not eating out is a success:)

we spent $100 dollars on this trip which i thought wow thats alot..but i looked at my receipt i got 66 items for 100 bucks! not bad!!
oh ps i got 10 packs of toilet paper (not pictured) for 4.00!!!!!!!!!!! that's fun right?:)

oh can you tell we're starting diets again around here in the flann house? the 100 cal. packs were on sale for 1.88!! i've never seen them this cheap!

February 7, 2009

oh my word

i am sick to my stomach..i just looked at our bank statement and figured out how much we spend eating out!
WOW WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last weekend i made a list of all the dinners my family eats, and we are going to the grocery TODAY...stop the planning here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how often does your family eat out?

its' amazing how quickly it adds up! a trip here or there to mcdonalds, a nice meal at max and ermas cost my family $37!!! do you know how many groceries i could get for that! off to get the coupons ready:) i'll update when i get back!

February 4, 2009

savings recap for january!

I cant' believe January is gone already!
Time sure does fly!
I love love when I have time to sit down and see how much i've saved!!!
It was a great month of saving some moola! I bought enough toys to take care of my kids birthdays and Christmas for '09! I bought clothes for winter '09 for the kids-at 50% off of the clearance prize..and of course built up my stockpile of toothpaste, and shampoo:)

here's the breakdown:
cvs- $94.05 worth of products, i paid $22.03 for savings $72.47, 77% discount!
walgreens- $112.13 worth of products, I paid $17.81 for savings of $94.32, 84% discount!
target- $911.63 worth of products, I paid $279.17 for savings of $632.46, 69% discount!
old navy- $146 worth of clothes, I paid $73 for savings of $73, 50% discount
strausburg- $78 worth of clothes, I paid $7.46 savings of $70.54, 90% discount
dillards- $154.99 worth of clothes, I paid $48.24 savings of $106.04 or 69% discount

so final totals:
$1496.80 worth of products
$447.71 is what i paid out of pocket..(i usually dont' spend this much a month, i just pulled money from our savings account to help with the cost)
so I saved $1049.09, 70% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is so good to help me find these deals!

check out moneysavingsmom to see how others have done this month! so inspiring!

January 30, 2009

oh target...sweet target!

We've had the quite snow storm here in fact i've been snowed in for 4 days! I had to get out of the off to target we went:)
I'm so glad:) Here's why:
These are the items I've been watching and watching to go down to 75%!

Little Einstien Trans. Rocket: was 43.99 now 10.98
Speed Racer Car- was 3.99 now .98
Speed Racer Car- was 3.99 now .98
Sleeping Beauty Barbie and bed- was 24.99 now 6.24

these items were back in the sporting good section:

speed racer thermos- was 15.59 now 3.88
speed racer thermos- was 15.59 now 3.88
autoseh cup= was 7.99 now 1.98

cars e-z bed- was 29.99 now 7.48- we have a dora one of these for miss's awesome!
and this is my deal of the day!

onieda flatware service for 8- was 79.99 now 19.98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totals: 226.11
i paid: 56.38 + tax
savings of : 169.73 or 75%

January 26, 2009

pepsi deal

i tried to do this deal last week, but they had none of the products in stock!!

so i was happy to be able to do it this week:)

2 tostitos- 6.00
2 stacy's pita chips- 6.00
3 diet mt. dews - not in picture:)- 10.00

total: 22.00
paid with my $15 ecbs' from the shampoo deals
so new total was 7.00, and i got 10.00 ecb's back from the pepsi deal:) so yah they paid me 3.00 :)

i heart cvs:) oh wait i've said that before havent' i:)

woo hoo great deals on shampoos at cvs:)

1 gillette 2n1 shampoo- 4.99
1 gillette shampoo- 4.99
1 head and shoulders classic- 4.99
1 pantene expressions- 4.99
1 pantene expressions- 4.99

total: 24.95- wish i had a 5 off 25 coupon, but the scanner was out of service:(
-1.00 off head and shoulders
-2.00 off gillette shampoo
-2.00 off gillette shampoo
-3.00 off 2 pantene

new total: 16.95 +1.56 tax= 18.51
paid with cvs gift card - 6.25
out of pocket: 12.26 but i got 3.00 extra care bucks back for each item-so i got 15.00 ecbs back, so they paid me 2.74 for these items!!!!!!!!!

January 23, 2009

cvs deals for 1-25

ok so i just got finished looking over the sales flyer for 1-25 for cvs , i got the ad from

some deals i see are:

head and shoulders , gilette, pantene
you pay 4.99 get 3.00 ecbs back
and the limit is 5
i know there are tons of coupons on these products!

here are a few other deals:
revlon- buy one get one free
pepsi deal again-- buy 20 get 10 ecbs
goldfish are buy one at 2.19 get one free so about a 1.10 for each bag

can't wait to see what deals we all get this week!:)

January 18, 2009

how i began my money savings mission

ok where do i start:)

like i said im new to all of this!

a few months ago i went to a site called, and i went to the forums..and one of the forums is offline hot deals...and i saw a thread about cvs--so i clicked on it.. i saw how a lady got tons and tons of stuff for like 4.00 bucks..i thought to myself what on earth? did she steal them:) then i kept reading and she broke it down...i thought wow! thats awesome! then i just typed into savings blogs.. i was shocked how many there were..i got hooked onto one called, each week she has a post on how to save at cvs and walgreens, and other people share their deals..i studied those sites like crazy! then i got the cvs ad and found out which products had extra care bucks..and decided which ones i needed..made a list , got my coupons to find out if any matched up..they will let you use manufacturer coupons too! and off i went:) i signed up for a extra care card, so that i would be sure to get those extracare bucks..and the rest is history!

what i do is roll my extra care bucks, i make my first purchase then i turn around and do another transaction and buy things that will give me more extra care bucks and use my extra care bucks from that first transaction to pay for that second transaction. then do another's a vicious cycle:)

now with walgreens..some times there deals aren't as good as cvs...but i do go to to look at the deals other people get at walgreens..

i think the key things is GET THE SUNDAY PAPER! meijer and kroger double coupons, and kmart sometimes does super double coupons and you can use the coupons up to 2.00 off! so you can really get great deals!

also plan your trip..the more organzied you are the easier it is to save! and also for kids clothes etc. buy for the future..if you see a great deal on the next size up for your can get amazing deals for next winter if you shop right now...

also here are my other favorites:

hope this is helpful and makes sense...if not let me know:)

January 16, 2009

fyi old navy clearance is 50 % off!

i'm having so much fun shopping!!

the code is extra50!!!


i just got 20 items shipped for 73.00 that is an awesome deal!!
even got some things for the husbandry:)

January 15, 2009

wooooooo hoooooooooo- target 75% off clearance toys

oh my goodness oh my goodness! I'm so thankful for the Lord helping me find these awesome deals! I had been reading on gotta deal that some targets had knocked their toys to 75% off yesterday, so i called ours today and the lady said they are doing markdowns in toys right now! So i bundled the kids up really well, its freezing here, and off we went!! The store was like a ghost town, i guess no one else heard the news about great deals:) There was one other lady shopping toys, we were following the markdown team:) The workers were so kind to scan things for us! I am done shopping for miss e's b-day and christmas of this year! and no im not kidding:)
Some of these I had seen before Christmas and was oh so tempted to buy them, but I just couldnt justify spending that much on a certain toy, So glad i waited, and i was able to pick up a few things for my niece's bday too!:) what a day:)

Camcorder- was 11.99, now 2.98
disney princess 5 in 1 easel- was 19.99, now 4.98
Vtech Digital Camera- was 59.99, now 14.98
Little Tykes Double Sided Doodle Board- was 14.99, now 3.74
Little Tykes Double Sided Doodle Board- was 14.99, now 3.74
Fisher Price Kid Tough Dvd Player- was 149.99, now 37.48- this is for my niece
Fisher Price Kid Tough Dvd Player- was 149.99, now 37.48- this is for miss e
Fisher Price Kid Tough Dvd Player- was 149.99, now 37.48- this is for ebay:)
Word World Playdough Set- was 12.99 now 3.24
Sleeping Beauty Magic Wand Horse- was 34.99 now 8.74
Disney Princess Barbie Dolls- 7 in the pack- was 59.99 now 14.98!!!
Disney Princess Barbie Dolls- 7 in the pack- was 59.99 now 14.98!! one set for my niece
Polly Pocket Mega Mall- was 49.99 ,now 12.48
Kid Tough on the go acc. pack- was 21.99, now 5.48
Kid Tough on the go acc. pack- was 21.99, now 5.48
Kid Tough on the go acc. pack- was 21.99, now 5.48
Disney Puzzle- was 9.99, now 2.48
total before 75%- 835.85
I paid: 216.21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
savings of 619.64 or 74%~~~~~~~

January 14, 2009

free suave

fill this out and they will send you a coupon!

thanks brandy!

great deals on strasburg clearance
i still dont' know how to put a direct link on my blog! can anyone help?

Notice the price on this!

64.00 i paid 4.98 with free shipping!!
woo hoo!
also got miss e. these adorable slippers

were 14.00, i paid 2.48 with free ship!

total: 64-sweater
14- slippers
78 dollars, i paid 7.46!!!!
savings of 90%

January 7, 2009

cvs again:)

ah stink..i thought the limit for colgate deal was 5, but alas its 3!:( oh well still great deals, and i should've paid with my gift card-:)

colgate maxfresh toothpaste- 2.50
colgate maxfresh toothpaste- 2.50
colgate maxfresh toothbrush- 2.50
colgate maxfresh toothbrush- 2.50
wrapping paper- not in picture:)= .75 was 2.99
wrapping paper- not in picture:) -.75 was 2.99
wrapping paper- .99 was 3.99
infusium shampoo- 1.87 was 7.49
infusium shampoo- 1.87 was 7.49
sally hansen product- 3.25 on clearance was 6.59
johnson and johnson buddy soap- 1.19
johnson and johnson buddy soap- 1.19
johnson and johnson buddy soap- 1.19
total: 23.05 + .72 tax= 23.77
-.75 off colgate toothpaste
-.75 off colgate toothpaste
-.75 off colgate toothpaste
-.75 off colgate toothpaste
-1.00 off johnson buddy soap
-1.00 off johnson buddy soap
-1.00 off johnson buddy soap
-3.00 off infusium yah i got two bottles for .74 total!
total after coupons:
-12.00 ecb's from this weeks earlier transactions:

total after coupons and ecbs- 2.77!!!!!!! oh and i got 2.00 back from the colgate deal:) so real total .77!
savings of 97%

a few kroger deals

cottonelle toilet paper- .99
cottonelle toilet paper- .99
jello pudding- 2.00
jello pudding- 2.00

total: 5.98
-.99 off cottonelle-coupon was for .50 kroger doubled to .99 so i got it FREE
-.99 off cottonelle-coupon was for .50 kroger doubled to .99 so i got it FREE
-1.00 off jello pudding, coupon was for .50 kroger doubled!
-1.00 off jello pudding, coupon was for .50 kroger doubled!
new total: 2.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
savings of 67%

walgreens- yes i'm obsessed:)

so my sis told me about a deal i just had to do:)so um i did-

motts apple juice- 3.49
aqua fresh extreme clean- 3.79
stayfree- 6.99
stayfree- 6.99
total: 21.26
gave the cashier my coupons in this order:
-.75 off aqua fresh from sunday paper
- 6.99 stayfree buy one get one free coupon from sundays paper
- 2.00 off aqua fresh from easy saver catalog
- 6.00 off stayfree products. the coupon was for 3.00 off in the walgreens flyer- the regsiter took 3.00 off each pack!
so i got 2 packs for 1.00!!
- 1.70 on the motts apple from walgreens weekly flyer

new total: 3.82 + .74 tax= 4.56!!
savings of: 79%

January 6, 2009

target 90% off Christmas clearance!

I had been to target last week, and got several Christmas items at 75% off, but i read on gottadeal that the clearance in most targets was 90%, I was going there anyway, so i thought oh i might as well take a looksie:) Im so glad I did!

graphic snowman tee- 9.99- i paid .99!!!!
graphic tree tee- 9.99- i paid .99!!!!!!!
2 boxes of choxie choc. mint truffles- 10.00, i paid 1.00!
cocoa and choc. chip cookies set- 6.99, i paid .69!!!!!!!!!
holiday drink mix- - 4.99, i paid .49!!!!!!!!
3 sets of 3 gift bags-8.97, i paid .89!!!!!
gift bag- 2.99, i paid .29!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 sets of 12 gift tags- 5.98, i paid .58!!!!!!!!!
gift tags- 2.99, i paid .29!!!!!!!!!!!!!
advent calendar- 2.99, i paid .29!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tinkerbell cell phone- 2.99- i paid .29!!!!!!!!!

total: 65.88

my total: 6.58!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

savings of 90%:) or 60.38!

walgreens 1-6

what ? i found more coupons:)

garnier shampoo- 2.99
garnier conditioner- 2.99
garnier styler- 2.99
reese 100 calorie bars- 2.50
york 100 calorie bars- 2.50

total: 13.97
- 6.00; 2.oo off each garnier product used the easy saver coupon-
- 1.00 easy saver coupon for the 100 calorie bars
- 1.00 off garneir shampoo from sunday paper
- 1.00 off garnier styling product from sunday paper
-.75 off reese snack from sunday paper
-.75 off york snack from sunday paper

new total: 4.47!!!!!!!!!!
savings of 68%

January 4, 2009

walgreens -1-4-08 transactions 3-4

told you it was a good day at the wallygreens:)

transaction 3: this one is a doozy:)

5 electrosal gelpacs- on sale for 3.49 each- so 3.49 x 5= 17.45
3 garnier fructose shampoo- on sale for 2.99 each- so 2.99 x 3= 8.97
2 garnier fructose conditioner- on sale for 2.99 each- 2.99 x 2= 5.98
garnier fructose mouse- on sale for 2.99
garnier styling product- on sale for 2.99
quilted northern...4.00- oops didnt make it to the picture:(

total: 42.38
hold on here's where it gets fun!
-used 2.00 garnier coupon from the january easy saver catalog , it automatically took the 2.00 off each garnier product, so 7.00 x 2 =-14.00 walgreens coupon
-used 7 1.00 off coupons garnier from the sunday paper!= - 7.00
- used 5 2.50 off coupons for the elec. gelpacs from sundays paper..-12.50

new total: 8.88 + 2.65 tax= 11.53
i paid with my gift card from nov. easy saver rebate items, i had 5.30 left on it!
so i paid 6.23 for all this!!
i was going to use my 10 register rewards from the medicine deal, but the register wouldn't accept it because i had too many coupons, which was no big deal to me:) because i used it for more diapers!:)
the bottom of my receipt says wags advertised savings: 19.79
mani coupons. : 33.50
your total savings: 53.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i saved 93%

transaction 4:

2 packs walgreens diapers- 5.99 x 2= 11.98
total: 11.98
-10.00 register rewards from aleve and flinstone vit. deal !
new total: 1.98 + .75= 2.73
so here's the deal.after register rewards, and my easy saver rebates.i got 5 boxes of electrasol, 7 garnier products,a 9 pk of toilet paper, oh and 5 packs of diapers for a grand total of 6.23 + 2.73= 8.96!!
so do i think couponing is worth it? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DO!

oh walgreens im smitten:) transaction 1-2

Usually i am a cvs girl, but i thought oh i'll give the old walgreens a try tonight.
Walgreens frustrates me because usually they are out of stock for everything they advertise on sale..i think to myself..self if you know your having a sale..why not have the stuff? uugh...welp that was not the case tonight! i was so happy:)

first off little man b had exactly 3 diapers left.. but i knew that walgreens brand diapers would be on sale this week, so i rushed out this morning to buy some:)
transaction 1:

3 packs walgreens diapers- 5.99 x 3= 17.97
middletown journal (there were fabulous coupons today)- 1.25
total: 19.22
-5.00 register rewards from prilosec deal last week
-9.00 register reward from vicks deal last week
new total: 5.22 plus 1.12 tax=- 6.34 used my gift card from november rebates:)
so my cost was 0.00:) so fun!

transaction 2:

2 aleve- 8.00 x 2= 16.00
flinstone vitamins- 5.00
total: 21.00
-1.00 aleve coupon
-1.00 aleve coupon
-1.00 vitamin coupon
new total: 18.00 + 1.31 tax= 19.31 i put this on my hsa debit card since its all meds!
and the best part, spend 20 get 10 register rewards back! so i got these meds for 8.00!

cvs- 1-4-08

oh cvs i've missed you old friend!!
feel like i haven't been in forever! I was able to give my mom and dad 2 nice sized bags of toiletries for Christmas from my cvs and walgreens shopping, so now its time to build the stockpile up:)
today my quarterly extra care bucks printed..i got a whopping 4.00 back:)
better than nothing:)

colgate toothbrush- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
dove milk choc. - 75% off so it was 1.12!
2 packs of ornament hooks- 75% off so they were .74!
fisher price dora symphony toy...was 14.99, i got it for 3.75!
holiday barbie- was 12.99, i got it for 3.25!
garnier nutrise shampoo- 2.99
johnson and johnson baby shampoo- 2.99
cheese it twin pack- 6.00
fiber one twin pack- 6.99

total: 37.83
-5.00 off 25 from scanner
-4.00 quarterly extra care bucks
-1.00 colgate coupon
-1.00 colgate coupon
-.75 colgate coupon
-.75 colgate coupon
-1.00 garnier coupon
-.50 fiber one bars
-1.00 johnson and johnson product

new total: 22.83 + .92 tax= 23.75- i put that all on my gift card i got for trans. a prescription!
and i got 3 ecbs from the cheezits, 3 ecbs from the fiber one bars, 4 ecbs from the colgate, and 2 ecbs from 12 ecbs for next week, so i got all this for

January 1, 2009

happy new year

so i celebrated the new year by shopping:)
went to dillards they had 50 percent off all their clearance merchandise:
got a few good deals:)

adidas pants: reg. 40, i paid 15
car vac: reg. 15, i paid 3.24
rosthchild snow pants and coat: reg. 49.99, i paid 15!!!!
cinderella christmas dress for e for next year, reg. 50, i paid 15!!!

total: 154.99
i paid: 48.24
savings: 106.04 or 69%