October 6, 2008

rite aid gift card for transferring a prescription!

so my dear friend mindy sent me this link


please cut and paste it not sure how to do a direct link?

just so happened one of my prescriptions had just run out! so i printed the coupon and took my happy deal saving self right over to rite aid with my prescription bottle.. gave the lady my insurance card and bottle and seriously 10 minutes later..i had my prescription which was the exact same price as what i paid at meijer, and the pharmacist activated my 30 dollar gift card!! yah no waiting for it to be mailed to me!
i'm excited to see what deals rite aid has and if worse comes to worse ill get some diapers:)
oh and in with my script were 4 more 30 dollar gift card offers--so if i have 4 more scrips ill so be using those too!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely blog!!! So pretty. You did a great job and it looks very inviting. I have never visited before but I love that you feature deals and savings. I will be visiting often.

Adriana (HP)