October 22, 2008

more target deals!

i found most of this in the party supply section:
fancy nancy stickers- 1.18, was 1.69
fancy nancy paper plates: 3 x 1.18 =3.54,- were 1.69 each
fancy nancy cups: 2 x 1.18= 2 x 1.18=2.36- were 1.69 each
go fish game: .98 was 3.99
princess thank you: .98 was 3.99
pirate thank you: .98 was 3.99
9 ct crayola paint pens: 1.48 was 5.99!

total: 11.50 + .75 tax= 12.25
original price: 28.10!!

saving of 56%
my new motto never pay full price again!


Meridith @ The Road Less Traveled said...

Girl, you are GOOD!!! You have so inspired me....

BTW - I saved a little over $49 at Kroger today with my Kroger card & coupons... :)

Melissa said...

great deals! keep posting! lol!

Melissa said...

My Christmas bags I've decided are going to be reuseable grocery bags filled with toiletries, cleaning products, candles, candy etc and the reusable grocery bags I got for the girls are black and have the breast cancer ribbon on them. I couldn't find anything for the boys/men so I had asked a few posts ago for some ideas and I got some pretty great ideas.. but I finally found the Cubs/Bears bags at my local grocery store and was very happy!