October 25, 2008

cvs grand opening :)

so we just got a brand new cvs and boy is it nice!!
i got some coupons in the mail, so i was pumped:)

i transferred a prescription and got a 25 gift card! everyone was soo nice at this location!
here's a funny story- so i saw the manager from the other cvs i frequently visit..he was sooo excited to see me :) he said hey how are you? i'm so glad to have you over here at this location!! i said oh thank you , have you moved stores..he said yup this is my new home! I told him I'd be switching..:) this store is the cadillac of cvs stores:):)

so here's what went down today: we were totally running low on batteries..PANIC MODE!
2 energizer 8 pack of double a batteries- 5.99 x 2= 11.98
1 energizer 8 pack of triple a batteries- 5.99
3 sure deodorants- 2.99 x 3= 8.97
pert plus- 3.99

total: 30.93
-.75 sure coupon from sunday paper
-1.00 pert plus coupon from paper
-1.00 energizer batteries
-5.00 off 25 from last week..printed with my ecb's
-10.00 ecbs from last week..i think toothbrush deal:)

new total: 13.18 + .98= 14.16
i got
-5 ecbs for the energizer batteries spend 15 get 5 back!
-5 ecbs for pert and sure...spend 10 get 5 back!

oh and i paid with my gift card so out of pocket was 0!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have 10 ecbs and 10 left on my gift card...oh happy day!


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