October 27, 2008

i found more coupons, so off i went to kmart!:)

i planned my trip whilst mr. man was catching some z's- and i packed their little lunch, and off we went, lunch today was the uncrustables, string cheese and peanut butter crackers:):)
all went well today..my cashier was awesome, and i was in and out in 45 minutes, would've been less but miss e wanted to check out the Christmas decor:)
ok so here's the damage:

gilette body wash- 4.00
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.00
vaseline intensive care lotion-5.49-(for christmas basket)
-1.50 doubled, new price-2.49
revlon mineral makeup- 6.99 for christmas basket
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.99
halls pro health cough drops- 2.49
-1.00 doubled, new price- .49
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79

part 2:) exhibit b

renuizit air freshner- 2.50
-.75 doubled, new price 1.00
glade warmer- 4.19 x 2= 8.38
-i had a coupon for buy one get one free- so 4.19 for 2!
6 glade glass scents- 2.50 x6= 15.00
-i had 3 coupons for buy one get one free, so 2.50 x3= 7.50 for 6 products!
1 reese cookie for the kidlets.they were soooo good!- 1.00!
total before coupons: 70.34
your total savings: -16.17
coupons redeemed:- 23.94
i paid 30.23 + 3.11 tax= 33.34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i saved: 40.11!
ooo and i got 2 4.00 coupons off next order from my glade oil warmers
and 1 1.00 coupon for buying the renuizit air freshner!
so really i paid
33.34- 9.00 in on your next order coupons= 24.34 for a savings of 65%!!!!!!!

and then i went and let miss e pick some new pjs- so heres what she got:
princess gown: 14.99- 30% off- 10.49
now watch here comes the fun part!
1.00 coupon from renuzit from 1'st transaction
-1.00 kmart doubled!!
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
so my new total was: .49 + .59= 1.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha, tax was more than the nightgown!!!!!!!!!!!
yah i saved 90% on this item!

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