October 28, 2008

crunching some numbers

so today i was working on my end of the year budget and first half of 2009 budget, and it made me think ok is all my couponing really worth it? well after i did this there was no doubt in my mind. It is worth it! Would you agree?

here are the numbers for September and October:
total before coupons and rr's: 165.98
after coupons and rapid rewards: 50.20
savings of $$115.78, 70%!!

total before coupons: 196.50
total after coupons: 111.80
savings of $84.70, 43%

rite aid:
total before coupons: 43.27
after coupons and gift card for transfer prescription: 13.27
savings of $30.00, 69%

total before coupons: 180.03
total after discounts: 64.79
savings of $115.24, 64%

total before discount: 31.95
after discount: 14.89
savings of $17.06, 53%

total before coupons: 146.05
after coupons: 72.69
savings of $73.36, 50%

total before coupons: 229.45
after coupons: 93.23
savings of $136.22, 59%

before coupons: extracare bucks: 309.01
after: 100.25
savings of $208.76, 67%!!!!!!

also returned some items, because they didn't ring up correctly , that was a credit for 16.37!!

living in regretville that i didn't start this sooner!

here are the big numbers for two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My savings in September and October:
total before coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 1302.24
total after coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 534.75~~~~~~~~~~~~
savings of $767.49!
savings of 59% overall!


Riannon said...

You've just been tagged. Visit my post to see what to do next.


lovinmykids said...

Andrea, thanks for the k-mart heads up. After reading your post, within 3 hours I was at our closest K-mart (30 minutes) with all 5 kids saving money! My total bill before Q's was $109. That was including some good sales. After Q's I paid $41 oop. Cha-ching! Thanks!


Nikki said...

Wowzas, thats AMAZING!!!!!