October 11, 2008

kroger deals today!

So i went over my kroger receipt from the other day...and i noticed my pantene uploaded coupon didnt' work...so this morning i marched myself to the store to fix it.
Wow 20 minutes later I finally got my styling product for free. Go to kroger.com, upload the p and g coupons to your card, and you dont' have to clip or take anything but your card to the store..all the other coupons worked, except for that one!
The cashier called 2 people over who kinda implied that i was lying about the product..seriously? i explained to them 3 times about how you can go on kroger.com, shouldnt they KNOW this already?

anyway if you do this deal..make sure the 3.34 comes off your bill!

pantene shampoo-3.33
pantene mousse- 3.34
the coupon was for buy one shampoo or conditioner get a styling product free--

so my new total was 3.33 for two pantene products..nice real nice

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