October 19, 2008

bright and early sunday morning deals;)

so mr. man decided 6:30 was a good wake up time! yikesa! he was quite the noisy little man, so him and i had a date to cvs and walgreens:):)
So I discovered, 7 a.m. is a good time to go to these stores...no one is there, and they actually have items in stock!
I had looked at the ads early on hotcouponworld.com, so i knew what i wanted to get:)

I decided to give walgreens one more chance since they have such amazing deals this week, and all is well..

2 pert plus: 3.49 x 2= 6.98
mickey mouse globe ball- 4.99- clearanced to 1.00
lysol nutrair- 5.99 (on sale this week, reg.12.99, it was not marked on sale, but take the ad with you)
2 trick or treat bags- .78 cents- use the coupon in the ad:)

total: 14.75
-2.50 pert plus coupon from the easy saver catalog- you only have to give one to the cashier, it will apply it to each item..
-2.50 pert plus coupon
-5.00 coupon for the lysol nutrair, from sunday paper a few weeks ago!

new total: 4.75 + .92= 5.67
savings of 62%


Ginger said...

Great deals!! I always walk on egg shells whenever I go to Walgreens! LOL

Ginger said...

Also, don't forget the coupon for the Pert Plus in todays paper to make them free!!