September 28, 2008

this makes me ooo soo happy! best transaction ever!!

here we go! this one is a doozy!

head and shoulders: $5.99
pert plus: $5.99
herbal essence: $5.99
febreeze: $2.49 x 4= $9.96
oral b cross action toothbrush: $4.99
trident peppermint: 12 pieces- $1.19
trident cool rush: 12 pieces- $1.19

total before coupons: $35.30

ooo this is a fun part!! coupons:
-$10- rapid rewards from robitusson last week- i think?:)
-$8- rapid rewards from crest strips last week
-$5- rapid rewards from tylenol purchase
-$2- walgreens coupon from register after tylenol purchase!
-$1.19- walgreens coupon for buy one get one free trident
-$2.50 walgreens coupon from easy saver for pert plus
-$2.00 pert plus coupon from sunday paper
-$.55 trident from sunday paper
-$1 febreeze coupon from 9-28 paper
-$1 head and shoulders from paper

new total: $2.06 + 2.03 tax= $4.09 used a visa gift card !!

um oh yah forgot to mention i got some rapid rewards
$5.00 from the febreeze 4 products get $5 back:)
$5.00 from the shampoo deal..the herbal essence and head and shoulders!
$4.50 from oral b crossaction toothbrush!

so they paid me to take these products also:)
$14.50- $4.09 = $10.41 profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just want to say i loved loved my cashiers today..they were fabulous. There were a couple of items that were the wrong size to get the deals, the cashier said oh lets' fix those, and sent the other cashier to find the right item for me, amazing customer service..these girls were just sweet!
When they saw my total, they said yeah:) and gave me high fives! soo fun!


Michaela said...

Nice one! You have inspired me. I may give it a whirl.

Annie said...

Good Job Girly!!!! Way to go! So proud of you. Now, where is the little :wub: smilie???