October 8, 2008

oh happy day at the kroger:) i saved $60.68!!

so my friend julie reminded me that i can go to kroger.com and upload coupons to my kroger plus card...so i did:) they have some fabulous proctor and gamble coupons on it...you dont have to print anything...it just goes right on your card..i did print off the list so i could know what the coupons were good for -- :)you can use these with manufactor coupons!
once again the key is to plan plan! there is no way i could've done this haphazardly- i love love this word:):) oh and also you must be wandering how do i do this shopping with a 17 month old and a 3 year old:) the key is food:) seriously i made their lunch and took it with us:) so into the race car shopping cart they went, and ate their pretzels, chicken nuggets, and a string cheese for emma:) and their handy dandy cups...and all was calm:) for dessert go to the bakery, and get free cookies for the kidlets!!:)
ok enough of that lets get to the good stuff-

-paula deen chicken and dumplings dinner in fridge section: 6.99, not a great deal, but looked oh sooo good:) , it had 1.00 coupon peelie on the package..
-kroger bread- .88
-cottonelle- .99 used the .50 coupon i loaded on my card from shortcuts.com- and a .50 mani coupon...they doubled it..so i made .50 on this one:)
- dr. pepper 24 pack = 6.99...uugh it was 5.50 at meijer should've waited:)
- oral b toothbrush- 2.00-used esaver coupon for .75 and i had a .75 mani coupon
-pampers wipes...-2.59, used .25 coupon from esaver coupon, and a .50 mani coupon, got these for 1.84
-kroger cheese- 1.67 x 2= 3.34
-2 bob evans hash browns- 2.59 x 2, these were buy one get one free!
-2 glade spray- 1.00 x 2- i had buy one get on free coupon!! so these were .50 each!
-kroger pretzels- 1.59..wow i remember the days when these were 1.00:(
-2 oscar meyer bacon- 5.49 x 2, these were buy one get one free!!! so 2.74 each!
-airwick lumina- 8.99- it had a 3.00 peelie coupon on it, and i had a 4.00 mani coupon..so new total was 2.99!
-febreeze noticable starter kit- 6.89- i uploaded a 5.00 coupon on my card, then i had a 5.00 mani...so um yah i made 3.11 on this product!
-gilette bodywash- 3.99-- used 1.00 coupon uploaded on my kroger card...then i had a 2.00 mani coupon...so new price was 1.00!!
- crest toothpaste- 2.00 -used 1.00 uploaded coupon, and -1.00 mani coupon so free toothpaste..how could i not get that:)
-pillsbury biscuits- 1.00
-bananas- .89
-sargento string cheese- 2.99---this is a great deal..regular price is 5.99!
-kroger frozen pizza- 3.50 its as good as california pizza kitchen pizza:)
-pantene shampoo- 3.34- used uploaded coupon for buy one shampoo get styling product for free!
-pantene mouse- 3.34- free after my coupon:)
-raspberries- 1.00
-kroger ground beef- 1.49 x 3= 4.47
- 2 sets of kelly barbie dolls ....3.75 x 2= 7.50! these are Christmas gifts..they were 14.99 each!!!

total: 54.49 (this was the total after all the coups!)

here are the coupons:i dont remember what these all are:) i so wish i could:)
-1.00-crest toothpaste
-3.00-peelie on the airwick
-.75- oral b manual toothbrush
-1.00-peelie on paula deen
-.50-kroger doubled
-.49-kroger doubled
-2.00- gilette body wash
-.50- cottonelle coupon
-.50-kroger doubled
-.45-kroger doubled
-5.00- febreeze noticable kit mani coupon
.50- kroger doubled
.50-kroger doubled
.45- kroger doubled

the bottom of my receipt says:
mfg coupon savings: 28.84
bonus coupon savings: 3.64
store coupons and kroger plus savings: 28.20
total coupons: 60.68!!!!!!!!!!!!!
total savings: 53 % yup 53 %!!!!!!!!

oh and i got 2 free subscriptions coupons to good housekeeping for some reason, so if you need one let me know:) first come first serve:) i already get the mag:)


Meridith said...

Girl, you are amazing!! Wish you would come do my grocery shopping!! I'm working on learning how to use coupons and shop the sales... I do good some times, and then there was yesterday.... ug......

andrea said...

oh mer i wish i could shop for you..or at least with you!!
hope your day went well!!