October 6, 2008

cvs -10-6-08

so i went to cvs last night, and um i left very disappointed they had NOTHING on my list...except milk..um not gonna work for me...

so today i went to another cvs and they had everything!! i will go there first next time!

i got a 5 of 25 coupon from the scanner--, so i had to use that:)

2 percent milk- 2.99
vit d milk- 2.99
purex lavendar detergent- 2.99---oops i left this out of the photo:)
always infinity pads 16ct- 4.98
heath candy bars- 2.99-- stocking up for halloween:)
kit kat candy bars-2.99-- stocking up for halloween:
nestle pure life water- 4.99
shout liquid- 3.75--- with 2 toddlers this is a must:)
cvs pen sanitizing spray- 1.79
cvs pen sanitizing spray- 1.79

total: 31.99
-2.99- for the candy was buy one get one free....
-.35 purex from sundays paper
-.75 shout
-1.00 extra care buck from candy deal last week:)
-2.00 extra care bucks from my quarterly 2% reward
-5.00 off 25 coupon!
-5.00 extra care bucks from razor last week
-5.79 extra care bucks from covergirl foundation

new total:
and i got 1.00 ecb for the water, and 4.98 ecb for the always pads, then i realized i got the wrong size sanitizer spray for the extra care bucks..so i went to the other cvs and returned the wrong ones for a refund of 3.81--

and i purchased 3 of the KIDS san. spray for
1.99 x 3 = 5.97

paid with my 4.98 ecb from the always pads.....

so my total was .99 plus tax= 1.06, and i got 3.00 ecb back!!
so my out of pocket total today was: 9.11- 3.81 refund: 5.30 + 1.05 from sanitizing spray) = 6.35, and i have 4 ecbs for next week....!!!!!!

so i got all of this for 2.35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ginger said...

Hey Andrea, the always pads are limit 2, even though it says 1 in the add!! Just wanted to let you know!