October 12, 2008

rite-aid...wow what a rush!

welp, so i went to rite aid planning to buy milk and use my $30 gift card for transferring a prescription i got last week...um...wow they had sopp many deals i couldnt' pass them up..so what's a girl to do..um duh..she shops:):)

1 meyer 2% milk- 2.89
1 bic comfort 3 pivot- 2.99
1 axe shower gel- 4.00
1 axe shower gel- 4.00
1 axe shower gel- 4.00--- the husbie loves this stuff..i really enjoy the smell:)
1 true shimmer chapstick- 1.99
1 comtrex cold medicine- 3.99
1 colgate total- 3.49---uugh noticed once i got home..this didnt' come up on sale:(
1 softlips raspberry 2pk- 2.99
1 lypomoisturizer chapstick- 1.99
1 meyer chocolate milk- 1.09- the husbie deserved this for watching my demons..i mean angels while i shopped
1 meyer vit d milk- 3.59
1 sucrets cherry cough drops- 2.99
1 excedrin es express gels- 3.99

total: 43.99
-1.00 colgate coupon
-2.00 on bic razors from 10-12 paper

40.99 + 2.28 tax= 43.27
- 30 rite aid gift card for transferring my prescription..

new total: 13.27

so thats great right! well um guess what there's more to type!!!!!

rite aid is having rebates r us this week, so i will enter my receipt number at riteaid.com, and i will get a rebate check for $22.94!!!!!wooo hooo so rite aid paid me 9.67 to take these products for them:):)
u may be thinking um why all the meds and chapstick..easy answer THEY WERE ALL FREE!
here's my rebate info:
5.00 -when you buy 3 axe products
1.99- true shimmer chapstick
2.99- soft lips
1.99- lypomoisturizer chapstick
3.99- cold meds
2.99- sucrets
3.99- excedrin

total: $22.94!!!!!!!!!!

they had over 144 dollars worth of rebates in the ad (pages 6-7!) tons of meds for cold and flu season..i didnt want to go nutso..no need to buy products we wont use , but i encourage you to check it out!!!!!!!
dont' forget to transfer a prescription first so you have $30 to help you get started:)

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