October 11, 2008

oh im so happy this deal worked for me!

i've been reading on a few blogs about the johnson and johnson deal...and thought i'd try it today and if it didnt' work..i'd be ok i would only be out 3.00!!:)

so here's what i did:

i got all of these soaps for 3.16...um and i have a 3.00 catalina off 3 johnson and johnson products(works like walgreens rapid rewards, you can use it on your next purchase- but only at kroger:))

heres how to do it:
3 johnson and johnson buddy soaps- .99 X 3
total plus tax is 3.16
the register will print out your 3.00 of 3 j and j products--

get 3 more soaps and pay with your catalina/coupon your new total will be .16 cents, and then you will get another 3.00 catalinia/coupon!:)

its an endless cycle:)
the end

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