October 26, 2008

candy r us at cvs-

I needed some candy for our trunk n treat night at church on wednesday. Also need it for neighborhood trick or treat, b says we can't run out our first year in the neighborhood, we would be the laughing stock of town- yes he's ridonkulous- but at those prices who can say no:)

so here's the rundown-
20 (yes i said 20) fun size bags of candy- on sale 2 for $3- 30.00
act popcorn- 2.49 what a ripoff, but the husbie needs it so that he can watch football:)
2 liter of mt. dew- 1.99
arizon tea- .99- husband snuck that right in:)
2% milk- 2.99
vit. d milk- 3.19

total: 41.65
- 5 off 25
- 1 off 2 bags of candy
- 1.99 free 2 liter from cvs mailing
- 5 extra care bucks from pert plus deal
- 5 extra care bucks from energizer batteries
new total: 23.66- 10.84 on my gift card from transfer prescription=
12.82 for all that candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meridith said...

Girl, you amaze me!!!!

Glad to know about the candy... I need to get some for Friday night (not too much, we are in the very back of the neighborhood and don't get too many kid-o's... but need to have SOME... lol)

andrea said...

it's only on sale today and tomorrow! so run and get it girl:)