October 13, 2008

meijer deals- 10-12-10-19

Got up bright and early this morning, and returned the colgate total to rite aid- 3.71 back on the debit card. I simply couldn't pay that much for toothpaste, when I'm used to getting it for 1.00 or less!
Then our next stop was cvs to return the kit kats that were 2.99. So 2.99 back on the debit card...then off to meijer:)

dora giggle stick- 75% off- 1.25 a prize for em for being sooo good today!
goldfish crackers- 1.09 -(half price this week)
goldfish crackers- 1.09- (half price this week)
white bread- 1.39
hormel pot roast-3.99- bryan loves these , so easy for dinner:)
tyson boneless skinless chicken breast- 4.99 (half price this week)
eggo waffles- 1.67- emma gets so excited about these:)
edy's ice cream- 2.50
herbal essence shampoo- 2.50
herbal essance shampoo-2.50
herbal essence cond.-2.50
herbal essence shampoo-2.50
5 boston market meals- 2.20 x 5=11.00
cinnamon rolls- 1.25 x 2 =2.50

total: 41.47
-3.00 off 2 bottles of herbal essence from sunday's paper
-3.00 off 2 bottles of herbal essence from sunday's paper
-.30 coupon for pillsbury cinnamon rolls, we have these for breakfast every saturday..tradition my friends:)
-.30 miejer doubled:)

total: 36.10
savings today: total meijer savings: 24.66
total coupon savings: 6.60
savings total: 31.26

67.36 worth of product for 36.10!!
savings of $31.26 , or 46 %

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