October 8, 2008

wow what a day!! ok lets do meijer first:)

so i spent quite a bit of time this morning planning my trip..looked at the weekly ad online , then clicked on the meijer gold box coupons, and printed the ones i needed:)
and here's what i did:)

tortillas- 1.29
taco shells- 1.30
betty crocker cookie mix- 1.78- thought it would be fun for me and emma to make these:)
3 eggo waffles- 1.89 x 3= 5.67- this is all baby b will eat:):)
animal crackers- .89 was 1.39
applesauce -1.00 was 1.45
daisy sour cream- 1.00 was 1.97
english muffins- 1.05 was 1.17 wow saved .12:)
english muffins- 1.25 was 2.19
arm and hammer essentials cleaner- 2.39 was 2.89

total: 17.62

-.40 betty crocker cookies
-.40 betty crocker cookies *meijer doubles the coups:)
-.55 eggo waffles coupon from sunday paper
-.45 meijer doubled:)
-1.00 coupon from meijer goldbox website....it was 1.00 off the purchase of 3 eggo products....

new total: 14.82
tax: .16

14.98, oh also there was a coupon in sundays paper for a rebate on the arm and hammer, so i will get 2.39 back for that;)

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