December 30, 2008

christmas clearance 75% off

hey blogging friends...

target and walgreens have their Christmas decorations 75 percent off..

hurry hurry if you want to get in on the deals:)

December 18, 2008

bath and body works deals!

run dont walk to your local bath and body!
they have fabulous deals going on..

they have their twisted peppermint line 75% off!!
yup thats right..i bought my sister 12 items..her total 34.10!!!
cant' beat that for bath and body works products!!

also i am soo in love with the new lambie blanket they have..rumor has it they are selling out i went today and got another one! i already have the creme one that my sis got me for my birthday, so now i have a black one..and the best was half off!!

so 17.50 and it is amazing!

December 11, 2008

finish line..of all places!

i went in looking for georgia tech gear for a christmas gift..and i couldn't find a thing..but i did find these!!

ok look at that price tag seriously do you think i paid that!!
i got a pair for the emster and a pair for her bestest friend linds!
2 pair mary jane crocs- 4.98 x 2= 9.96!!!!!!!!

yes 2 pair of crocs for less than 10 bucks!!
should've been 25 each total: 50.00
so i saved 40.00 or 80%!!!!

December 9, 2008

cvs 12-7

huggies r us!
huggies wipes- 3.00 x 4= 12.00
huggies baby wash- 3.00 x 2= 6.00
huggies diapers- 10.00

total: 28.00
-5 off 25 coupon
-1.00 huggies diapers
new total: 22
-10 extra care bucks
-2 extra care bucks
new total: 10 plus tax, oh and i got 5.00 ecbs back for spending 25.00 from huggies..
so all that was 5.00!!!

jcpenny deal

so i got a coupon in the mail for 10 dollars off a 10 purchase! ok!

i had to do a few returns so off to the mall we went!!

singing rudolph with a light up nose:) -was 19.99- on sale for 7.99
3 pack abby under panties - thats what my 3 year old calls them:)- was 7.99 now 3.99
disney holiday beany baby- pooh as a priendeer:)was 9.99 now 3.99

on sale for 15.97
-10.00 coupon
new total: 5.97 +.42= 6.39
savings of 32.00 or 83%!

great deal on photo cards for Christmas

so if you are a sam's club member they have an awesome deal on photo cards!
i uploaded my Christmas picture, chose my card, and selected one hour photo---

my total for 30 cards was 10.30!!!!!!!!

they are awesome! great quality!

so just a fyi!:)

December 4, 2008

cvs 12-3

ok so a few weeks ago cvs had the best sale on batteries...spend 20 get 15 ecb's ...and you could do the deal 3 times..yup 60 dollars of batteries for 15 dollars:)i already used 15 of that 45, so i had 30 ecbs to spend this week so i did:)only one of these had ecb's but i didnt care, this is stuff we needed:)

vaseline intensive care lotion for men- 2.50
tide mt. spring..(in case you cared what scent we use) 5.99
pampers baby dry diapers- 9.99
secret deodorant-- yes it is strong enough for a man:)- 2.50
secret deodorant- 2.50
dasani water- 3.88
charmin basic- 5.99
charmin ultra- 5.99
carefree- 4.19
st. jude hospital donation- 1.00
total: 44.51
-5.00 off 25 from scanner- jealous melissa?:)
-.25 coupon for charmin
-1.00 coupon for pampers
-1.25 coupon for vaseline intensive care lotion
-1.00 coupon..cant' remember what for:)
new total: 36.01
- 30.00 extra care bucks from battery deal

final total: 6.01 + .29= 6.30 oh and i got an extra 2.00 ecb's from the carefree:)
so there you have it 4.30 for 44 dollars of product!

December 3, 2008

huge sale on toys at

just a heads up has some great deals on toys!!

the easiest way to find them is to go to, forums, online deals..there is an entire thread devoted to these deals!!!

it truly is the most wonderful time:):)

kmart super double coupons

kmart is doubling again!! coupons up to 2.00!! i got my little self organized and picked out my high value coupons, and off i went:)
soo fun!
kmart's prices are a bit higher to start with, but when you have a 2.00 off coupon doubled, its ok:)
jergens lotions- 3.00 x 2= 6.00- i had 1.00 off coupons so these were 1.00 a bottle x 2= 2.00
dove shampoo-3.79 x 2= 7.58- had 1.50 coupons so these were .80 a bottle, so total was 1.60
dove conditioner- 3.79 x 2= 7.58, had 1.50 coupons, so these were .80 a bottle, so total was 1.60
zest soap 3 pack- 2.39 x 4= 9.56- i had 1.00 coupons, so these were .39 after doubling, .39 x 4= 1.56
large dove conditioner- 5.49- had 2.00 off coupon, so this was 1.49
garnier shampoo-2.89 had 1.00 coupon, so this was .89 after doubling
herbal essence shampoo-2.89 had 1.00 coupon so this was .89
ziploc containers= 2.50 x 2= 5.00- 1.50 off coupons doubled,so 1.00 a piece= 2.00
oust air spray- 3.50 x 2= 7.00, i had 1.00 coupons doubled, so 1.50 each 3.00 total
aussie shampoo- 2.89- 1.00 coupon doubled= .89
aussie conditioner- 2.89- 1.00 coupon doubled= .89
sure deodarant- 2.29 x 2-4.58- 1.00 coupon so each was .29 x2= .58
sucrets- 3.79- 1.50 coupon doubled = .79
tic tac chill= 1.49 x 3= 4.47- 1.00 coupon so each was free --0
nestle choc. chips- 2.33 x 3= 6.99 - 1.00 instantly when you buy 3= 5.99-.50 coupon off each= 3 for 3.00
reese soft cookie- my kids were really good- 1.00
reese clusters- 3.99- 1.00 coupon= 1.99- i really wanted to try this..disappointing to me
turtles- 4.00-1.50 coupon doubled= 1.00
total: 88.59
minus -30.50 in coupons...
total: 58.09
minus 30.50 kmart doubled the coupons!

new total: 27.59 + 2.82 tax= 30.41
savings of 66 percent or, 61.00!!!

i know the math doesnt add up but im just going by what the reciept says:
):) some items they didnt double, due to the fact that they won't give you maybe thats part of the issue?

November 30, 2008

i promise i'll be back to blogging this week!

the holiday business has got me! I've let my blog fall to the wayside:):)

but i promise..i'll blog this week!!

November 17, 2008

kroger- 11-16

wow its been forever since i've been to the least i feel that way:
i'll have to go back and look on here to see when i went:)

i wont' list everything, because i'm exhausted:)
here's the important stuff:
total: 64.63
coupons and sales: 32.19
new total: 32.44, savings of 50%!

here are the best deals:
-tgif potato skins- 2.50 used 1.50 coupon from my sisters collection:) so 1.00 a box!
-tgif moz. sticks- 2.50 used 1.50 coupon from my sisters stash:) so 1.00 a box!
-kroger cheese- 1.67 used .45 coupon from register= so a whopping 1.22!
-cottonelle toilet paper- 1.00 used .50 coupon from paper, doubled so it was free!
-kroger dressing: 1.00!
-pop (not pictured) 4 for 11.00!!
-frozen birds eye steamer veggies: 1.00 used .35 off coupon, the new total was .30 a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

meijer- 11-16-08

total: 64.73

savings total: 26.78

new total: 37.95

best deals were
- betty crocker taters- 1.00 each , used 1.00 of 2 they were .50 a box!
- gravy mix- .45 each, used .35 off 2 coupon-meijer doubled so they were .20 cents for 2!
- country crock pasta side dish- in dairy case- 3.99, used 1.25 coupon..i can get several lunches for kids from this!
- del monte green beans- .50- used .30 off , they doubled so i got a .10 overage!
- betty crocker cookie mix..*em loves cooking with me, these are easy and yum:) 1.67- used .40 coupon, doubled so each bag was .87 !
- pillsbury cinnamon rolls- 1.25 used .30 off coupon, doubled- so they were .65 a can!!
16 nutrigran bars- 4.00--my kids would 2 a day if i let them:):)
- green giant valley fresh steamers frozen vegetables-.89. used 1.00 off 1 coupon , so they were free!

oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness!

wow wow!
ok so last night the blog world was buzzing with the news of this deal!

taken from

Britax Marathon in Granite for $42.99 at Cowmooflage is there, too, for $59.99.

um yah...these seats sell for 249.99...seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i went through and ordered 2 of them, thinking oh it has to be to good to be true..just cant believe it!

so all day long ive been holding my breath, expecting that it had been i got shipping confirmation TODAY my order shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here's what my invoice looks like:
Items Ordered Price
2 of: Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Cowmooflage [Baby Product]
Sold by:
- 2 item(s) Gift options: None

Item(s) Subtotal: $119.98
Shipping & Handling: $36.19
Total Before Tax: $156.17
Sales tax: $9.78
Total for this Shipment: $165.95

im pumped!
reg price : 249.99 x 2= 499.98
i saved: 334.03~~~ 68 % on britax..unheard of i tell you!

November 15, 2008

oh glade..dreaming of cinnamon apples:) from target-

so i looked through my handy dandy coupon box, and found tons of buy one get one free coups for glade products...remember i stocked up at meijer using these coupons a few weeks ago..i was soo excited to see that super sista had more for me!

transaction 1:
4 glade essential oil candles: on sale 2.50 each= 10.00
total: 10.00
- 2 buy one get one free glade coupons= -5.00
new total: 5.00 + .33 = 5.33
get a 5 dollar target gift card with a $10 glade purchase--
so i got 4 of these for .33 cents!!

transaction 2:
4 glade essential oil candles: on sale 2.50 each= 10.00
6 essential oil refills: 2.50 x 6= 15.00
total: 25.00
-2 buy one get one free essential candle coupons= -5.00
-2 buy 2 refills, get one free coupons= -5.00

25-10 in coupons= 15 + 1.30 tax= 16.30
-5.00 gift card from first transaction=
total: 11.30 then i got another 5.00 target gift card!

total out of pocket: 16.60 - 5.00 gift card= 11.60, savings of 67 percent!!!!!!!!!!!
by the way i will give a lot of this as Christmas gifts:)

razors anyone? thank you walgreens!

so i looked through the awesome coupon box my sister made me, and she had 12 of the 3.00 off bic soliel razors, and refill coupons, so off to walgreens i went! here's what i got:

6 soliel razors- 6.99 x 6= 41.94
6 soliel refills- 6.99 x 6= 41.94
1 titanimum trimmer- 6.99

total: 90.87
-3.00 off each soliel razor and refill from easy saver catalog- so, 3.00 x 12= -36.00
-3.00 off titanimum trimmer from easy saver catalog

new total: 51.87
- 6 3.00 off soliel razors from sunday paper= -18.00
- 6 3.00 off soliel refills from sunday paper= -18.00
- 4.00 off titanimum razor from all you magazine

total: 11.87 plus 5.68 tax= 17.55
-10.00 gift card from sister:)
-6.85 left on the gift card for transferring a script
final price: .70 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow i still can't believe this deal!
so i got $90 worth of razors for .70 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beat that:):)
i saved: 79.00 with coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 39 from easy saver cat., and 36 from sunday paper, 4.00 off from all you magazine!

without the gift cards i saved 81%!!!

November 13, 2008

look what my amazing sister made for me!

oooo i cant' tell you how happy this makes was my birthday on tuesday, and i got this in the mail from my sister!!!

it was fully loaded with coupons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe she took so much time to work on this for me, its' soo organized!! ooo my stars...what fun i'm going to have at cvs on sunday:)

here is what i was using before....

an improvement much? why yes i'd say so!!

November 12, 2008

free snapfish custom cover photo album!!

thanks to oprah!!

here's my order
1 8"x11" custom cover book(s): 33.97
cost of Photo Books: 33.97
subtotal: 3.98
standard S&H: 6.99
OH sales tax: 0.68
total: 11.65

mine was 3.98 because i added a few pages to the free 20 page album!!
hurry it ends nov. 16 at midnight!

November 10, 2008

see how i redid em's bathroom for sooo cheap! i love me some meijer-

so i'm just a strolling through the meijer, which um by the way the shopping carts with the nick tvs in them, that you can rent for a 1.00 are worth their weight in gold! they are amazing! so anyway back to the deal- i saw this set at target a while back, and loved it, I just couldnt' justify spending how much they wanted for it. I was so excited when i scanned these items! And then i got an extra 30 percent off!!

disney princess tumbler: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% off .99= -.27 cents
new total: .72 yes .72 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess lotion pump: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% of .99= -.27 cents
new total .72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess shower hooks: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% of .99= -.27 cents
new total .72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess bath mat: was 12.99 now 1.29
- 30% off 1.29= -.38
new total: .91 cents!!!!!!!!!

disney princess shower curtain: was 14.99 now 1.49
- 30 % off 1.49= -.45
new total: 1.04 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

total: 4.11 plus tax...can you believe that redecorated the whole bathroom for 4 dollars, and now my princess is very happy!

would have been 57.95!!!!!!!!!!! so i saved 93%...i cant' believe it!!!!!!!!
here's the finished product:

great clearance at meijer- part 1

these little things are know when your garbage disposal gets that um not so fresh smell, follow the directions on these guys, and it will smell like lemons:):)
it works i promise!
3 plink packages: was 3.99 each now 1.19, so 1.19 x3= 3.57
- 30% off home clearance 1.19= -.36
- 30% off home clearance 1.19= -.36
- 30% off home clearance 1.19= -.36
new total: 2.49 , reg. price was 11.97! saved: 79%

November 9, 2008

good deal at cvs on itunes card

spend 50 total on itune cards, get 10 ecbs!

2 i tunes gift cards- 25 x 2= 50

i didnt add this onto my weekly stuff, because it comes from my gift budget...
my 2 nieces are getting these for their birthday, i needed them anyway so i thought why not get 10 ecb :):)

cvs- best trip ever! they paid me 3. 93 to take these products!

transaction 1:
5 palmolive dish soaps: 1.49 x 5- 7.45
garnier nutrisse conditioner , forgot to add it in pic:)- 2.99
loreal adv. revitalizer- 11.99
st. ives body wash- 3.99

total: 26.42
-5.00 off 25 coupon from receipt
-6.98 ecbs from toothpaste deal last week
-5.00 ecbs from pampers diapers
-1.00 mani coupon for garnier

new total: 8.44 + .59= 9.03
but here's what i got back: 21.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.00 ecb for palmolive
11.99 ecb for loreal rev.
3.00 ecb for st. ives body wash
2.00 ecb for garnier conditioner

transaction 2:
3 st. ives body wash: 3.99 x 3= 11.97
huggies wipes: 7.99

total: 19.96
-2.00 ecb from garnier conditioner
-11.99 ecb from loreal product
-5.00 ecb from palmolive

new total: .97 + .07= 1.04!!!
how fun is that:)
oh and i got
2.00 ecb from huggies wipes!
9.00 ecb from st. ives body wash!

so i have 14.00 ecbs for next week!!
2.00 from huggies, 12.00 from st.ives body wash!
so i got all this for
1.04 + 9.03= 10.07 out of pocket and i have 14.00 ecbs left!
so yah they paid me 3.93 to take all this!

check out to see how others did this week!

walgreens! woo hoo!

wrapping paper: 1.99
wrapping paper: 1.99
wrapping paper: 1.99
wrapping paper: 1.99
wrapping paper: 1.99
wrapping paper: 1.99
scotch tape: 1.29
scotch tape: 1.29
scoth tape: 1.29
scoth tape: 1.29
quatro razor: 6.99
soliel razor: 6.99
soliel refills: 6.99

total: 38.07
-2.58- scotch tape buy one get one free! in the walgreens ad-
-7.96 wrapping paper
buy one at 1.99 get 2 free- so i got 6 for 4.00!!
-3.00 easy saver catalog coupon for soliel razor
-3.00 easy saver catalog coupon for soliel refills
-3.00 easy saver catalog coupon for shick razor
-3.00 mani coupon from paper for soliel razor
-3.00 mani coupon from paper for soliel refills
-3.00 mani coupon from paper for shick razor

new total: 10.53 + 1.72 tax= 12.25 on walgreens gift card i got for transferring a prescription!

wag coupon savings: 2.58
wag advertised savings: 11.66
mani coupons: 17.00

savings of 68%!!!!!!!!

glade deals at meijer

woo hoo! i hit the mother load of smell good stuff;)

i'm not sure how long the glade products are 50 percent off....

here's my transaction:
glade air spray: .50
glade air spray: .50
glade candle: 1.39
glade candle: 1.39
glade car: 1.49
glade car: 1.49
glade: 1.59
glade refill: 1.64
glade plugin: 2.49
plugin: 2.49
plugin: 2.49
glade fan: 3.74
glade wisp candle: 4.99
glade wisp candle: 4.99

total: 31.18
man. coupon.- all in 11-2 paper
- 1.00 of 2 glade sprays
-1.00- can't remember this one:)
-1.00- glade glass scent
-1.50- off 2 glade candles
-2.49 buy one get one free
-3.00- glade wisp candle!
-3.74- buy a refill, get a glade fan free
-4.99 buy one get one free glade wisp candle

total: 12.46 + 2.03 tax= 14.49
and i got a 4.00 off my next order coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bottom of reciept says:
total non coupon savings: 31.30
total man. coupons: 18.72
saved 50.02! 77 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 8, 2008


b has been working very long hours at work, so today was the first chance i had to go to cvs...i didnt' need much so here's my little trip:)

pampers baby dry size 4- 10.00
pampers baby dry size 5- 10.00
crest prohealth- 3.49
crest prohealth- 3.49

total: 26.98
-5 off 25 coupon from my receipt -5 ecb's
- 5 ecb from last week
-1.50 pampers
-1.50 pampers
-.75 crest toothpaste

new total: 13.23 plus tax, but then i got 5.00 ecb's from the 2 pampers, and 6.98 ecb's from the toothpaste!!
woohoo so all that was 1.25 after my ecbs:)

huggies diaper deal size 1-2 only!- deal is dead now!

i wish my bren was still this size what a deal! saw this on a few i thought i'd share! broke this down:)

264 diapers- size 1-2: 8-15 pounds

17.65 plus 6.95 shipping

also if you buy 2 you can get a subscription for 2 years to cookie magazine, or opt out of that and get $15 back!!!!

so you will get 528 diapers for 35.30 + 6.95 shipping =
42.25 - 15 cookie mag refund= 27.25 for 528 diapers!!! that's 5 cents a diaper:(

i had ordered these 2 boxes for gifts, just got an email amazon canceled my order:(

great great deals at i found these codes on love this site!

if you use your kohls card, you can get an extra 30 percent off and free shipping!

the codes are

also they are having a 2 day holiday sale in store and online..when doesnt' kohls have a sale? seriously..i'm hooked:)
online sale: november 8- 12 a.m.-4 a.m......yah im up late:) i took a killer nap on the couch:)
in store november 8- 6 a.m.-1 pm

you can get an extra 15 percent off the toys that are already on sale..and then use the 30 percent off code-- got 2 great deals on little people sets for the kidlets for Christmas!:)

have fun shopping till you be dropping!

picture people deal

my friend leslie let me know about this great freebie!

I wanted to let you know that I was at the mall on Tuesday and got a great freebie. I was walking the girls around and we went by the Picture People. A lady asked if I wanted a free picture of the girls, so I made sure there was no charge and took her up on it. I got a free 10x13 picture of the girls and it is so cute. Of course they tempted me with all of the poses, but I didn't have the money for them, so just took my free one.

i would call your local picture people and ask what specials they have right now!

nothing better than free:)

November 6, 2008

30 percent off gymboree code

this is for online:

use promotional code: GYMFRIEND

November 5, 2008

huge sale at old navy!

4 dress shirts for bryan: 24.50 on sale for 14.50 x 4= 58.00
1 tshirt for me= 10
long sleeve tee for bren- 10.50 on sale for 5.00
long sleeve tee for bren- 10.50 on sale for 5.00
2 long sleeve graphic tees for em- 10.50 each on sale 2 for 10- so 10.00
2 hooded long sleeve tshirts- 10.50 and 12.50 on sale 2 for 10- so 10.00
2 graphic long sleeve t shirts for em- 10.50 each on sale 2 for 10- so 10.00

total: 196.06
total discount: 80.50
total price: 115.56
saved: 41 %

so i got 13 items for 115 dollars!!!

deals at gap

i found a few things at gap today, they are having take 25% off clearance- so i got a few deals:)

no pics...sorry:(
knit blazer for emma...soo cute! - reg. 29.50 = final price- 8.23
tiara pjs- 7.49
3 pairs of stripe socks for bren- 2.98!!!

total: 18.70 + 1.31 tax = 20.01

October 28, 2008

crunching some numbers

so today i was working on my end of the year budget and first half of 2009 budget, and it made me think ok is all my couponing really worth it? well after i did this there was no doubt in my mind. It is worth it! Would you agree?

here are the numbers for September and October:
total before coupons and rr's: 165.98
after coupons and rapid rewards: 50.20
savings of $$115.78, 70%!!

total before coupons: 196.50
total after coupons: 111.80
savings of $84.70, 43%

rite aid:
total before coupons: 43.27
after coupons and gift card for transfer prescription: 13.27
savings of $30.00, 69%

total before coupons: 180.03
total after discounts: 64.79
savings of $115.24, 64%

total before discount: 31.95
after discount: 14.89
savings of $17.06, 53%

total before coupons: 146.05
after coupons: 72.69
savings of $73.36, 50%

total before coupons: 229.45
after coupons: 93.23
savings of $136.22, 59%

before coupons: extracare bucks: 309.01
after: 100.25
savings of $208.76, 67%!!!!!!

also returned some items, because they didn't ring up correctly , that was a credit for 16.37!!

living in regretville that i didn't start this sooner!

here are the big numbers for two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My savings in September and October:
total before coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 1302.24
total after coupons,extra care bucks, rapid rewards: 534.75~~~~~~~~~~~~
savings of $767.49!
savings of 59% overall!

October 27, 2008

oh kmart-- you make me happy:)

no blue light specials for this chick..but wow

here's my stats from my shopping yesterday and today:
total: 148.62- shopping from yesterday
total: 10.49- from pajama
total: 70.34 from today

grand total: 229. 45

i paid-
58.81 trip 1
1.08 nightgown
33.34 todays trip
so i paid 93.23 total - for a savings of 136.22 or 59 %!!!

i found more coupons, so off i went to kmart!:)

i planned my trip whilst mr. man was catching some z's- and i packed their little lunch, and off we went, lunch today was the uncrustables, string cheese and peanut butter crackers:):)
all went well cashier was awesome, and i was in and out in 45 minutes, would've been less but miss e wanted to check out the Christmas decor:)
ok so here's the damage:

gilette body wash- 4.00
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.00
vaseline intensive care lotion-5.49-(for christmas basket)
-1.50 doubled, new price-2.49
revlon mineral makeup- 6.99 for christmas basket
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.99
halls pro health cough drops- 2.49
-1.00 doubled, new price- .49
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79
herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
-2.00 doubled, new price 2.79

part 2:) exhibit b

renuizit air freshner- 2.50
-.75 doubled, new price 1.00
glade warmer- 4.19 x 2= 8.38
-i had a coupon for buy one get one free- so 4.19 for 2!
6 glade glass scents- 2.50 x6= 15.00
-i had 3 coupons for buy one get one free, so 2.50 x3= 7.50 for 6 products!
1 reese cookie for the kidlets.they were soooo good!- 1.00!
total before coupons: 70.34
your total savings: -16.17
coupons redeemed:- 23.94
i paid 30.23 + 3.11 tax= 33.34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i saved: 40.11!
ooo and i got 2 4.00 coupons off next order from my glade oil warmers
and 1 1.00 coupon for buying the renuizit air freshner!
so really i paid
33.34- 9.00 in on your next order coupons= 24.34 for a savings of 65%!!!!!!!

and then i went and let miss e pick some new pjs- so heres what she got:
princess gown: 14.99- 30% off- 10.49
now watch here comes the fun part!
1.00 coupon from renuzit from 1'st transaction
-1.00 kmart doubled!!
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
-4.00 from glade warmer from 1'st transaction
so my new total was: .49 + .59= 1.08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ha ha, tax was more than the nightgown!!!!!!!!!!!
yah i saved 90% on this item!

cvs- 10-28-08

5 Infinity pads- 4.99 x 5= 24.95
nestle pure life water- not pictured:) - 2.99

total: 27.94
-5 off 15 from mail insert for grand opening
-10.00 off infinity, i bought some 2 off coupons from ebay for 1.00- so 2.00 x 5= 10

new total: 12.94 + 1.30= 14.24, but then i got 5.00 ecb for the always, i should've received a dollar for the nestle i'll be emailing about that ,, so after ecbs i paid..8.24 for 5 boxes of femi products and 24 bottles of water!

October 26, 2008

super double deals at the kmart:)

i was there at 7:55 along with 8 other die hard couponers!!:)
can i just say i love making new friends:), we were all giddy with the excitement of the deals;)
here are some pics of my goods:)

what i got:
-glade fabric air freshner-3.79
1.50 doubled i got it for .80!!
-purex liquid fabric softener- 3.00
used 1.00 doubled so new price was 1.00!
-dove lotion- 5.99
used 1.50 doubled, so new price was 2.99--this is part of a christmas present:)
-dove shampoo- 3.79
used 1.50 doubled, new price was: .79
-dove shampoo- 3.79
used 1.50 doubled- new price: .79
- large bottle of herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
used 2.0 doubled, new price was: 2.79!!!!!
-large bottle of herbal essence shampoo- 6.79
used 2.00 doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
-large bottle herbal essence condtioner- 6.79
used 2.00, doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
- large bottle herbal essence condtioner- 6.79
used 2.00, doubled, new price was 2.79!!!
- dove body wash- 4.79
used 1.50, doubled- new price was 1.79 (part of christmas gift)
-dove body wash- 4.79
used 1.50 doubled- new price was 1.79 (part of christmas gift)
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 coupon, doubled, new total was 1.49!
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 ,doubled, new price was 1.49!
-kotex pads- 3.49
used 1.00 doubled, new price was 1.49!
-mach 3 disposables- 6.99
used 2.00 , doubled, new price 2.99 (christmas gift)
-mach 3 disposables- 6.99
used 2.00 doubled, new price 2.99 (christmas gift)
-shick comfort twin razors- 4.49
2.00 doubled, new total .49!!!!
- quattro razors 4 ct.- 6.69
2.00 , doubled, new price was 2.69
- fantastik cleaner- 2.69
1.00, doubled, new price was .69!
- endust- 3.29
2.00 doubled- free!!!!!!!!
- scrubbing bubbles gel toilet cleaners- 3.49
1.00 doubled- new price was 1.49
- gummi life savers- 1.25
1.00, adjusted to FREE!
-crest weekly clean with free mouthwash- 3.99
1.00 doubled, new price was 1.99
- reach ultraclean floss- 1.69
1.00 , adjusted to FREE
- colgate toothpaste- 3.99-
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.99
- colgate kids strawberry -1.99
.75 doubled, new price: .49
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
- aquafresh gel toothbrush- 3.79
1.00 doubled, new price: 1.80 ( i usually dont' spend this much, but these looked nice)
-tic tac chill- 1.49
1.00 doubled, adjusted to FREE!
-oust sanitizer spray- 3.79
1.50 doubled, new price .79
-zest 3 bar soap- 2.19
1.00 doubled, new price- .19!!!!!!
-zest 3 bar soap- 2.19
1.00 doubled, new price .19!!!!!!!
-revlon nail shaper- 2.49
1.00 doubled, new price- .49
-revlon emery board- 2.97
1.00 doubled, new price .97
- revlon nail clip- 2.49
1.00 doubled, new price -.49

total before coupons: 148.62

- 47.25 coupons redeemed
- 48.68 coupons that were doubled, or adjusted to free products!
new total: 52.69 + 6.12 tax =58.81!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i saved 95.93!!!!!!!!!!!can you believe it?

to see how other people saved check out!

cvs update

on the bottom of my receipt it says:
extra care card balance as of 10-19:

fall 2008 spending: 99.87
year to date savings: 414.87!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


candy r us at cvs-

I needed some candy for our trunk n treat night at church on wednesday. Also need it for neighborhood trick or treat, b says we can't run out our first year in the neighborhood, we would be the laughing stock of town- yes he's ridonkulous- but at those prices who can say no:)

so here's the rundown-
20 (yes i said 20) fun size bags of candy- on sale 2 for $3- 30.00
act popcorn- 2.49 what a ripoff, but the husbie needs it so that he can watch football:)
2 liter of mt. dew- 1.99
arizon tea- .99- husband snuck that right in:)
2% milk- 2.99
vit. d milk- 3.19

total: 41.65
- 5 off 25
- 1 off 2 bags of candy
- 1.99 free 2 liter from cvs mailing
- 5 extra care bucks from pert plus deal
- 5 extra care bucks from energizer batteries
new total: 23.66- 10.84 on my gift card from transfer prescription=
12.82 for all that candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


for those that like my background i got it from:

October 25, 2008

kmart- super double coupon promotion

i just called my kmart...
they are participating.starting tomorow!.im so excited...
i'm going to get all my coupons together and be at kmart at 8 a.m.:) and no im not kidding!

cvs freebies at the grand opening

wow what a nice treat for me!
when i was done checking out..they gave me all this, plus 2 packs of dibs ice cream treats..yah we ate those!!

the bag was full of cvs brand products...
i got all this for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cvs cotton swabs
cvs antibiotic cream
cvs asprin
cvs chapstick
and some coupons for 3 off 15!
and a full size bag of pretzels!

i love my new cvs!

cvs grand opening :)

so we just got a brand new cvs and boy is it nice!!
i got some coupons in the mail, so i was pumped:)

i transferred a prescription and got a 25 gift card! everyone was soo nice at this location!
here's a funny story- so i saw the manager from the other cvs i frequently visit..he was sooo excited to see me :) he said hey how are you? i'm so glad to have you over here at this location!! i said oh thank you , have you moved stores..he said yup this is my new home! I told him I'd be switching..:) this store is the cadillac of cvs stores:):)

so here's what went down today: we were totally running low on batteries..PANIC MODE!
2 energizer 8 pack of double a batteries- 5.99 x 2= 11.98
1 energizer 8 pack of triple a batteries- 5.99
3 sure deodorants- 2.99 x 3= 8.97
pert plus- 3.99

total: 30.93
-.75 sure coupon from sunday paper
-1.00 pert plus coupon from paper
-1.00 energizer batteries
-5.00 off 25 from last week..printed with my ecb's
-10.00 ecbs from last week..i think toothbrush deal:)

new total: 13.18 + .98= 14.16
i got
-5 ecbs for the energizer batteries spend 15 get 5 back!
-5 ecbs for pert and sure...spend 10 get 5 back!

oh and i paid with my gift card so out of pocket was 0!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have 10 ecbs and 10 left on my gift card...oh happy day!


meijer super saturday sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i went to meijer today to get a few stamps, some hot dog bunaruns for our sunday school bonfire tonight:), and see if they had any uncrustables left..remember they are 50% off this week

i was sooo excited when i saw all these deals!
hot dog buns- 1.39
large eggs- 1.67
dt. sunkist- 2 x 3.78= 7.56
dt. sunkist- 3.78- b put some of these in the garage:)
2 diet a&w root beers- 2 x 3.78= 7.56
bananas- 1.39
white bread- 1.39
uncrustables- 6 x 1.49= 8.94
poptarts...- 1.60 (these were half off, thought i'd try them for the kidlets)

total: 35.28
-1.00 off 2 uncrustables meijer goldbox internet coupons
-1.00 off 2 uncrustables meijer goldbox internet coupons
-11.34 off diet sunkist and root beers..but 2 get 3 free!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yah not a typo!

new total: 22.43

savings today: meijer promotions: 11.34
non coupons savings: 12.48
meijer couponsL: 2.00
saved: 25.82
total percentage: 54%

October 22, 2008

more target deals!

i found most of this in the party supply section:
fancy nancy stickers- 1.18, was 1.69
fancy nancy paper plates: 3 x 1.18 =3.54,- were 1.69 each
fancy nancy cups: 2 x 1.18= 2 x 1.18=2.36- were 1.69 each
go fish game: .98 was 3.99
princess thank you: .98 was 3.99
pirate thank you: .98 was 3.99
9 ct crayola paint pens: 1.48 was 5.99!

total: 11.50 + .75 tax= 12.25
original price: 28.10!!

saving of 56%
my new motto never pay full price again!

October 21, 2008

what a rush:) oops forgot to say this is at meijers!

shout out to my girl ginger:) she let me know about these oh so fab deals:)
transaction 1:

i thought i'd try this glade deal see if i got the 4.00 coupon...and guess what it did!!
so total: 4.99, but then i got 4.00 back:)

transaction 2:

oh this makes me sooo happy
jello- .64
jello- .64
jello- .64
jello- .64
pop.- .99
3 eggo waffles- 2.05 x 3= 6.15
bananas- .98
4 uncrustables- 1.49 x 4= 5.96- these were half off!! i'm so excited i think the kidlets will love them!
electrosol- 2.99 x 2= 5.98 -these are usually 8.98
total: 22.62

-.50 electrasol from sunday paper
-.50 miejer doubled!
-.50 electrasol from sunday paper
-.50 meijer doubled!
-.75 uncrustables from sunday paper
-.25 meijer doubles up to 1.00
- 1.50 off 2 jello coupons from goldbox coupons
- 1.50 off 2 jello coupons from goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 3 eggo products from goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 2 boxes of uncrustables from goldbox coupons
- 1.00 off 2 boxes of uncrastables from goldbox coupons:)
- 4.00 coupon from the glade deal in transaction 1

total: 9.62 + .39 = 10.01!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so yah i did pretty good:)
-electrasol ended up being 2.00 a box!!
-jello was um free plus they paid me .44 cents!! .64 x 4= 2.56 my coupons were for 3.00 off:)
- uncrustables - 1 box was .49!! 1.49- 1.00 coupon, the other 3 boxes were .82 cents- 1.49 x 3= 4.47- 2.00 (goldbox coupons) 2.47/3= .82~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

so my savings today were: 56%

October 20, 2008

just a little kroger deal--

for some reason my camera's not working:(

kroger water- 3.79
swiffer dusting stuff:)- 3.99
kroger 2% milk- 2.58
3 scotch brite nail saver sponges- 1.00 x 3 = 3.00

total: 13.36 + .44 tax = 13.80
-1.50 uploaded coupon from p and g for the swiffer dusting product
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge
-1.00 internet coupon for the sponge;)
yup i got 3 sponges for free!!:)

thanks to this link from ginger:)-

new total: 9.30

coupons: 3.00
store coupons and kroger plus savings: 4.97
total coupons: 7.97

October 19, 2008


transaction 1:
glade oil warmer- 4.69 + .30 tax= 4.99

um not such a great deal? uh i got a 4.00 coupon to use on my next order:)
there is a buy one get one free coupon on these from the 9-28 sunday paper..i couldn't find it, but still .99 is a great deal! If you have that coupon, you will pay 4.99 for two and get an 8.00 coupon, rumor has it:)

transaction 2:
bananas- .96
nestle cookie dough- 2.00
nestle cookie dough- 2.00
3 lipton side dishes- 1.00 x 3= 3.00
count chocula (for the husbie)= 1.80

total: 9.76
- 1.50 off 2 nestle cookies from this site:
-4.00 coupon from the glade warmer

new total: 4.26

saved: 3.52 on sale
-5.50 in coupons
savings total of 9.02!

cvs part 2

not sure how i missed this deal this morning..well yah i do it was the crack o dawn:)

huggies diapers- 9.99
huggies diapers- 9.99
huggies wipes- 2.79
huggies wipes- 2.79

total: 25.56
-5 off 25 coupon from the cvs scanner
-11.98 from gum toothbrush's

new total: 8.58 + .57 tax = 9.15
you're all thinking oh dear sweet andrea...but all your ecb's are no they're not!!! I got 10.00 ecb from my huggies deals:):)

ooo toothbrushs r us at cvs!

i cant' believe they had these all in stock!
fyi: ok from now on ecb stands for extra care bucks:)
so here's what i did:
transaction 1:
1 gum crayola 2 pk. toothbrush- 3.99
1 gum 2 pack soft toothbrush- 3.99
1 brach candy corn- 1.29- i bought this for a cute little craft emma and i are going to make:)
1 funlight glowstick- .99
1 funlight glowstick- .99

total: 11.25
-2.00 extra care buck from last week
-3.00 extra care buck from last week

new total: 6.25 + .31 = 6.56
but i got 3.99 ecb's for each gum 7.98-limit of 5 with these:)
1.29 ecb for the candy corn
1.98 ecb for the glowsticks

so i got 11.25 ecb's!!!

transaction 2:
3 gum (2 pack) toothbrushes- 11.97
1 gallon milk- 3.19

total: 15.16
- 7.98 ecb from the toothbrushes in transaction 1
- 1.29 ecb from the candy corn in transaction 1
- 1.98 ecb from the glowsticks in transaction 1

new total: 3.91 + .05= 3.96
and then i got 11.97 in ecb's from the toothbrush deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so total out of pocket: 10.52 but i have 11.97 for next week:) so they paid me 1.45 this week:)
thank you cvs!

the reason i didn't do them all in one deal is simple, i didnt' want one 19.95 extra care buck!

bright and early sunday morning deals;)

so mr. man decided 6:30 was a good wake up time! yikesa! he was quite the noisy little man, so him and i had a date to cvs and walgreens:):)
So I discovered, 7 a.m. is a good time to go to these one is there, and they actually have items in stock!
I had looked at the ads early on, so i knew what i wanted to get:)

I decided to give walgreens one more chance since they have such amazing deals this week, and all is well..

2 pert plus: 3.49 x 2= 6.98
mickey mouse globe ball- 4.99- clearanced to 1.00
lysol nutrair- 5.99 (on sale this week, reg.12.99, it was not marked on sale, but take the ad with you)
2 trick or treat bags- .78 cents- use the coupon in the ad:)

total: 14.75
-2.50 pert plus coupon from the easy saver catalog- you only have to give one to the cashier, it will apply it to each item..
-2.50 pert plus coupon
-5.00 coupon for the lysol nutrair, from sunday paper a few weeks ago!

new total: 4.75 + .92= 5.67
savings of 62%

October 15, 2008

awesome toy deals at target- Christmas shopping already!

I know its early but my soul when I see such great deals I snatched them up:):)

here's the breakdown:

high school musical gabriella doll- regular price: 13.99 , clearance price: 3.48!!!!!
hannah montana surf shop-reg. price:29.99 ,clearance price: 7.48!!!!!!!!
high school musical sharpay set-reg. price:18.99, clearance price:4.74!!!!!!!!

My Little Pony Ponyville Roller Skate Party Cake with Pinkie Pie- geesh could it have a longer title:):)=== regular price 21.99--- i paid 5.48!!
My Little Pony Ponyville Roller Skate Party Cake with Pinkie Pie- 5.48 *one for em and one for her bestest little cousin:)

little people school bus ride on: reg. price: 29.99 clearance price: 14.98!!!!!!!!

dora princess doll: 14.99-
pacifers:)= 2.69

total: 59.32
-3.00 coupon from dora dvd on the dora princess doll
-7.44 target gift card from a return from last week...

new total: 48.88 + 3.66 = 52.54

so i got 151.93 worth of toys for 52.54~~
savings of 99.39 or 65 %
woo hoo!!
high school musical gabriella: 13.99 - 3.48
my little pony skate set: 21.99 - 5.48
my little pony skate set: 21.99 - 5.48
hannah montana surf shop set: 29.99 - 7.48
high school musical sharpay set: 18.99- 4.74
dora princess: 14.99 - 11.99
fisher price little people ride on toy: 29.99 - 14.98