September 28, 2008

this makes me ooo soo happy! best transaction ever!!

here we go! this one is a doozy!

head and shoulders: $5.99
pert plus: $5.99
herbal essence: $5.99
febreeze: $2.49 x 4= $9.96
oral b cross action toothbrush: $4.99
trident peppermint: 12 pieces- $1.19
trident cool rush: 12 pieces- $1.19

total before coupons: $35.30

ooo this is a fun part!! coupons:
-$10- rapid rewards from robitusson last week- i think?:)
-$8- rapid rewards from crest strips last week
-$5- rapid rewards from tylenol purchase
-$2- walgreens coupon from register after tylenol purchase!
-$1.19- walgreens coupon for buy one get one free trident
-$2.50 walgreens coupon from easy saver for pert plus
-$2.00 pert plus coupon from sunday paper
-$.55 trident from sunday paper
-$1 febreeze coupon from 9-28 paper
-$1 head and shoulders from paper

new total: $2.06 + 2.03 tax= $4.09 used a visa gift card !!

um oh yah forgot to mention i got some rapid rewards
$5.00 from the febreeze 4 products get $5 back:)
$5.00 from the shampoo deal..the herbal essence and head and shoulders!
$4.50 from oral b crossaction toothbrush!

so they paid me to take these products also:)
$14.50- $4.09 = $10.41 profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just want to say i loved loved my cashiers today..they were fabulous. There were a couple of items that were the wrong size to get the deals, the cashier said oh lets' fix those, and sent the other cashier to find the right item for me, amazing customer service..these girls were just sweet!
When they saw my total, they said yeah:) and gave me high fives! soo fun!

walgreens how do i love thee let me count the ways!!

get the new easy saver catalog, there are some great coupons in it!

such as $1.50 off tylenol, which is on sale for 4.99

3 childrens tylenol- (i'm well stocked for the winter on medicine:)- $4.99 x 3 = $14.97
-$1.50 coupon from easy saver x 3 = -$4.50
new total: $10.47 + $.94= $11.41 that i put on my hsa card since it is medicine...
and i got $5 rapid rewards for buying 3 tylenol products
so i got 3 for $5.47 !! oh and the register spit out a $2 off a walgreens purchase!

cvs - 9-28

ok first off i have to say i looked through the ads, planned my deals and cut my coupons, and seperated them into 2 categories, walgreens and cvs- there are fabulous deals out there- but you have to do a little work to get them!
plan ahead..and dont panic:):)

first thing i did was scan my card at the scanner..i got a $5 off 25 coupon, which made me oh so happy....

so here's what i did

colgate total: $2.50
colgate kids toothpaste- $2.50
gilette fusion razor- $9.99
covergirl clean foundation- $5.49
covergirl eyeshadow- $5.49
dawn botanical- $.99

total: $26.96

here's my coupons:
-$.25- dawn ( todays paper)
-$.75 colgate (today's paper)
-$4.00- gilette razor (todays paper)
-$5.49- cover girl buy one foundation, get a covergirl product for free!! (todays paper)
-$5.00 of $25 purchase from scanner:)
-$3.00 extra care bucks from last week...

total: $8.47 + $1.19 tax= $9.66
used a gift card that had $4.44 on it....
so my new total was $5.22!!!

plus i got
$2.00 extra care bucks from colgate!
$5.79 extra care bucks from covergirl foundation!
$5.00 extra care bucks from gillete razor!
total of ecb: $12.79

so they paid me- $3.13 to take these products!

September 26, 2008

this is addicting

oh my word these candy bars are sooo good!!

um you have got to see this to believe it
yah seriously i paid $0.00 for 4 candy bars!!
2 herberts loaded candy bars-on sale $1.50 each- so total was $3.00
used $3.00 coupon off 2 from easy saver catalog for september!

so new total was 0.00

then i did it again:)
so i got 4 candy bars for 0.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the cashier couldnt' believe it! i said you can check and make sure its right i don't want you to get in trouble! so she asked the other cashier, and she said absolutly its fine now where are they::)
they were gong to get some for themselves:):)

yup still smiling from walgreens---

ok here we go:)
crest white strips- on sale for $19.99-- ( i'll let you know if they really work) i will get $8 in rapid rewards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pert plus- $3.59--
2 twix, reese, and snickers- 4 for $10-- (stocking up early for halloween)
2 herberts fully loaded candy bars- 2 for $3.00

total before coupons: $36.58
here's where it gets fun:)
-$7 coupon from sunday paper for crest strips-
-$1.50 coupon for pert plus...( there is also a $2.50 coupon of pert plus in the easy-saver catalog for october- which u can start using today, but my walgreens didnt' have the catalog out yet..the cashier told me they didnt' get any this seriously you didn't get your ad this
-$3 coupon off 2 herberts fully loaded candy bars (from easy saver catalog from september)
new total: $25.08
then i used my $5 dollar off $20 purchase- coupon link is in another post:)
so new total was $20.08
then i got $8 rapid reward from crest whitestrips
and i registered online for my rebates: i will get $4 from candy deal, and also i will get $3.79 from pert plus on a walgreens gift card, and if you do it online you get a 10 percent bonus, so i get $8.56 on a wally green gift card in a few days!!!!!!
woo hoo what fun!
so i have $18 in rapid rewards plus my gift card!!!

walgreens makes me happy!!

robitusson deal!!

3 robitusson- $4.99 x 3= 14.97
ok so thats an ok deal..but um you get $10 rapid rewards!!!!!!!!!!!!! *which you can use on your next purchase!!
i bought these on my hsa account since it is a medical expense!

so technically i got 3 rob. for 4.97 plus tax!!!!!!!

kroger deal

birds eye steamfresh veggies
these are delish, and really easy to make!
on sale for $1.47 each
$1.47 x 3= $4.41
i had a coupon from sunday paper for $1 off 3
and there was a coupon printer thing in front of the vegetables for $1 off 2

so my total after coupons was:
$2.41 plus tax--- um less than $.90 a bag not to bad:)
oh also i got a coupon from kroger for $1.25 off 4 bags for my next purchase!

meijer deal

Buy 2 get 3 yah i said 3 free!
2 diet sunkist- 3.78 x 2=$7.56
3 diet a&w- 3.78 x 3=$11.34

total: $18.90
- $11.34 free pop:)
new total: $7.56 plus tax for 30 bottles of pop, and no its not faygo :):)
thats $.25 a can't find them cheaper:)

September 25, 2008

save $5 off a $20 purchase at walgreens

here is a link to a coupon!
good for friday and saturday only!

September 22, 2008

walgreens deals

ok at walgreens they give rapid rewards to use on your next purchase...

transaction 1:

reach toothbrush: on sale 2 for $5
reach floss: on sale 2 for $5

total:$ 5.31 with tax
printed off $5.00 rapid rewards!

transaction 2:

feminine products:)- $2.50
Smuckers jelly- $1.67
ghiradelli choc.- 2 for $3.00
advil pm- $4.99

total: $12.16
-$1 coupon from sundays paper for the chocolate!
-$2 coupon from sundays paper for advil pm!
-$2 coupon peelie that was on the advil pm box!
-$5 rapid rewards from the reach deal!

new total: $2.16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love cvs!

ok here's what i did:

first off you need to know get a cvs extra care card! they give you extra care bucks on certain products, that you can then turn around and use on your next transaction, also scan your card at the price scanner, and it will print off coupons for you!!

here's my first transaction:

ped egg replacement blades: the pedegg is amazing, and it was time for some refills:) $9.99
5 gatorades- on sale 5 for 5 dollars...i got $3 in extracare bucks on these!
nivea body wash...$4.99- i got $4.99 extra care bucks back on this!
total on this: 19.98
tax: 1.25
total: 21.23, but then i got 7.99 in extracare bucks~

transaction 2:

2 crest prohealth mouthwash: $5.98- I got $4.00 extra care bucks back!
1 adidas deodarant- $4.99- I got $4.00 extra care bucks!
so total on this one: $10.97
-$3.00 extra care bucks that i got from buying the gatorade
-$4.99 extra care bucks that i got from buying the nivea bodywash
so grand total was $2.98 plus $.19 tax= 3.17, but i got 8.00 back in ecb!

transaction 3:

5 gatorades for $5.00- i thought the deal was only good 1 time, but i did it twice:)-get $3.00 ecb
cvs water- $3.99-
bath sponge for bryan-- so high maintanance:) $2.99
total: $11.98
-$1.oo coupon that printed from scanner for any cvs water
-$4.00 extra care bucks from the crest mouthwash
-$4.00 extra care bucks from the adidas deodarant
new total: $2.98 plus i got $3.00 extra care bucks from gatorade!

so total out of pocket for all this was: $27.38 and i have $3.00 to use for next week!
would have been 17.38 if i didnt get the ped egg thing:):)

welcome to my blog

i will post the deals i find on here!!

with pics of course:)