April 13, 2009

target- Easter clearance!

the kids got up early today so off to the target we went:) I didnt do easter baskets for the kidlets..because i knew I could get a better deal if I waited and bought stuff today:) They are little so they didn't care :) Gram got them easter baskets so it was all good:)

2 bunny placemats- were 3.98, now 1.98
3 hershey bliss- 3 bags I love this candy:)= were 9.87 now 4.92
whopper eggs- (the husbands fav.)- was 2.11 now 1.05
dove eggs- were 3.29, now 1.64
m and ms= were 2.70, now 1.39
m and ms= were 2.70, now 1.39
2 easter egg decorating kits- was 1.99, now .98
sports wrap for eggs- was 1.99, now .99
playdough easter basket- was 14.99, now 7.49--I bought one of these last years and it was a BIG hit!! My daughter plays with it often, so I thought oh why not get another one:)
disney spring princess set- was 14.99, now 7.49!! my little one is such the princess..this was the first thing she picked out..and she said now mom we cant get everything we can only get one big thing:)

total before clearance: $58.78
I paid: $29.33

savings of 29.45, or 50%

1 comment:

Michaela said...

The "sports wrap for eggs"... is that like an IcyHot patch for eggs? ;)