November 9, 2009

its game time!

toys r us and hasbro makes my heart happy!!

look at this deal:

perfection- 19.99 on sale for 9.99
connect four- 15.99 on sale for 9.99
memory- 9.99 on sale for 3.99
dont break the ice- 9.99 on sale for 3.99

total: 27.96
hold on it gets better! when you spend 25 in hasbro games, u get an instant $10 gift card to use on next purchase...
and then...wait for it wait for it....
hasbro has a mail in rebate, on the games that are on sale for 3.99, i will get 2.00 back, and the 9.99 games i will get 3.00 back on each game
so what im saying to you people is i will get a 10 rebate check from hasbro.....!!!!!!!

so break it down with me...
-10.00 gift card
-10.00 rebate check

equals 7.96 for 4 games!!!!!!!!!!!!
im not gonna lie i got perfection for pure nostalgic reasons! i love that game:);)
hurry to toys r us to get this deal:)
heres a link to the rebate form...thank you gottadeal:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing this deal. My DD is too young for these games but I might pick up a few for gifts.

andrea said...

your welcome another good idea is to get them for donations for community centers etc!!

have a great day!

thanks for reading my blog!