January 4, 2009

oh walgreens im smitten:) transaction 1-2

Usually i am a cvs girl, but i thought oh i'll give the old walgreens a try tonight.
Walgreens frustrates me because usually they are out of stock for everything they advertise on sale..i think to myself..self if you know your having a sale..why not have the stuff? uugh...welp that was not the case tonight! i was so happy:)

first off little man b had exactly 3 diapers left.. but i knew that walgreens brand diapers would be on sale this week, so i rushed out this morning to buy some:)
transaction 1:

3 packs walgreens diapers- 5.99 x 3= 17.97
middletown journal (there were fabulous coupons today)- 1.25
total: 19.22
-5.00 register rewards from prilosec deal last week
-9.00 register reward from vicks deal last week
new total: 5.22 plus 1.12 tax=- 6.34 used my gift card from november rebates:)
so my cost was 0.00:) so fun!

transaction 2:

2 aleve- 8.00 x 2= 16.00
flinstone vitamins- 5.00
total: 21.00
-1.00 aleve coupon
-1.00 aleve coupon
-1.00 vitamin coupon
new total: 18.00 + 1.31 tax= 19.31 i put this on my hsa debit card since its all meds!
and the best part, spend 20 get 10 register rewards back! so i got these meds for 8.00!

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