May 12, 2009

walgreens deals

truath milk- 1.19
trauth milk- 1.19
colgate max fresh toothbrush-2.99

total: 5.37
-1.00 coupon for toothbrush

new total 4.37 + .19 tax= 4.56
and then i got 2.00 rr for buying the toothbrush!!

then i did my second transaction:
2 packs of diapers- 8.99 x 2= 18.56
they were on sale buy one get one free- so new total was $9.56
total: $9.56
- 2.00 rr from toothbrush
so new total: 7.56
savings of $11 or 59%

note: make sure you check those receipts and really pay attention when checking out!
the cashier told me my total on the diapers was 18.56 i said they are buy one get one free..she said where did u see that? i said um on the front page of your ad..
she tried to tell me that the ones that were buy one get one free were different than what i mine were size 5 instead of size 4...yes she was serious telling me they weren't part of the deal-- oh Lord!! now im usually calm , but she treated me as if i were scamming her by picking up a different size..finally she called over the manager who said..whats the problem..these are on ring them in buy one get one free....

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