January 23, 2009

cvs deals for 1-25

ok so i just got finished looking over the sales flyer for 1-25 for cvs , i got the ad from iheartcvs.com

some deals i see are:

head and shoulders , gilette, pantene
you pay 4.99 get 3.00 ecbs back
and the limit is 5
i know there are tons of coupons on these products!

here are a few other deals:
revlon- buy one get one free
pepsi deal again-- buy 20 get 10 ecbs
goldfish are buy one at 2.19 get one free so about a 1.10 for each bag

can't wait to see what deals we all get this week!:)

1 comment:

Justine said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Gillette deal...