January 7, 2009

walgreens- yes i'm obsessed:)

so my sis told me about a deal i just had to do:)so um i did-

motts apple juice- 3.49
aqua fresh extreme clean- 3.79
stayfree- 6.99
stayfree- 6.99
total: 21.26
gave the cashier my coupons in this order:
-.75 off aqua fresh from sunday paper
- 6.99 stayfree buy one get one free coupon from sundays paper
- 2.00 off aqua fresh from easy saver catalog
- 6.00 off stayfree products. the coupon was for 3.00 off in the walgreens flyer- the regsiter took 3.00 off each pack!
so i got 2 packs for 1.00!!
- 1.70 on the motts apple juice..coupon from walgreens weekly flyer

new total: 3.82 + .74 tax= 4.56!!
savings of: 79%

1 comment:

Melissa said...

some lady in line at my WAGS last night found a few of those packs that were $2.99 so she got them for free!!