February 7, 2009

oh my word

i am sick to my stomach..i just looked at our bank statement and figured out how much we spend eating out!
WOW WHAT AN EYE OPENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last weekend i made a list of all the dinners my family eats, and we are going to the grocery TODAY...stop the insanity..menu planning here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how often does your family eat out?

its' amazing how quickly it adds up! a trip here or there to mcdonalds, a nice meal at max and ermas cost my family $37!!! do you know how many groceries i could get for that!

wow...im off to get the coupons ready:) i'll update when i get back!


Ginger said...

I realized that too a while back, so now I make up 2 weeks worth of meals at a time. It is amazing how much you will save! Then when you do go out to eat, it means more to you!!

Anonymous said...

I also realized this a while back and while we still eat out more then we really should I always think about how much we USED to spend.