February 4, 2009

savings recap for january!

I cant' believe January is gone already!
Time sure does fly!
I love love when I have time to sit down and see how much i've saved!!!
It was a great month of saving some moola! I bought enough toys to take care of my kids birthdays and Christmas for '09! I bought clothes for winter '09 for the kids-at 50% off of the clearance prize..and of course built up my stockpile of toothpaste, and shampoo:)

here's the breakdown:
cvs- $94.05 worth of products, i paid $22.03 for savings $72.47, 77% discount!
walgreens- $112.13 worth of products, I paid $17.81 for savings of $94.32, 84% discount!
target- $911.63 worth of products, I paid $279.17 for savings of $632.46, 69% discount!
old navy- $146 worth of clothes, I paid $73 for savings of $73, 50% discount
strausburg- $78 worth of clothes, I paid $7.46 savings of $70.54, 90% discount
dillards- $154.99 worth of clothes, I paid $48.24 savings of $106.04 or 69% discount

so final totals:
$1496.80 worth of products
$447.71 is what i paid out of pocket..(i usually dont' spend this much a month, i just pulled money from our savings account to help with the cost)
so I saved $1049.09, 70% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is so good to help me find these deals!

check out moneysavingsmom to see how others have done this month! so inspiring!


Ginger said...

Great job Andrea!!

The Barkers said...

That's great! what on earth did you buy at Strausburg that cheap?

andrea said...

i got my emma a sweater and a pair of slippers:) the pics are on one of my older posts! and i know what you mean about target..its annoying..my sister is in nc and her toys didnt' go 75% until 3 weeks after mine....
weird right?