November 11, 2009

kohls deal!! see how i got 229 cookware for 88 dollars!!

I am sooo very excited about this!!
my precious mom hasn't had new cookware in oh i decided i'd get her that for Christmas!!

look at this deal!!

your like uh woman i thought you were about saving money!!
oh just wait!!!

now here's the dealio! i added a color wonder book to make my total over 150! youll see why in a sec:)
199.00- cookware
7.14 - color wonder book for stocking stuffer:)

total: 207.13
use code novkc30 for 30% off = -62.14
so my new total is : 154.06!!!!
but wait theres more:)
i will get $30 kohls cash for spending 150......
then go here to print a mail in rebate form for $30 when you buy certain rachel ray products
and i went through ebates , 4 % cashback- 6.16

-30 kohls cash
-30 rebate
= 87.90!

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Wow, these are great ideas! I will recommend this to my wife and watch your blog for ideas myself. Thanks.