January 18, 2009

how i began my money savings mission

ok where do i start:)

like i said im new to all of this!

a few months ago i went to a site called gottadeal.com, and i went to the forums..and one of the forums is offline hot deals...and i saw a thread about cvs--so i clicked on it.. i saw how a lady got tons and tons of stuff for like 4.00 bucks..i thought to myself what on earth? did she steal them:) then i kept reading and she broke it down...i thought wow! thats awesome! then i just typed into google..money savings blogs.. i was shocked how many there were..i got hooked onto one called moneysavingsmom.com, each week she has a post on how to save at cvs and walgreens, and other people share their deals..i studied those sites like crazy! then i got the cvs ad and found out which products had extra care bucks..and decided which ones i needed..made a list , got my coupons to find out if any matched up..they will let you use manufacturer coupons too! and off i went:) i signed up for a extra care card, so that i would be sure to get those extracare bucks..and the rest is history!

what i do is roll my extra care bucks, i make my first purchase then i turn around and do another transaction and buy things that will give me more extra care bucks and use my extra care bucks from that first transaction to pay for that second transaction. then do another transaction....it's a vicious cycle:)

now with walgreens..some times there deals aren't as good as cvs...but i do go to moneysavingsmom.com to look at the deals other people get at walgreens..

i think the key things is GET THE SUNDAY PAPER! meijer and kroger double coupons, and kmart sometimes does super double coupons and you can use the coupons up to 2.00 off! so you can really get great deals!

also plan your trip..the more organzied you are the easier it is to save! and also for kids clothes etc. buy for the future..if you see a great deal on clothes..buy the next size up for your kids..you can get amazing deals for next winter if you shop right now...

also here are my other favorites:



hope this is helpful and makes sense...if not let me know:)


Anonymous said...

Im going to check out the website that you were talking about. Thanks for the info.

lovinmykids said...

Hey you, I still check your blog often. You help me find some good deals. Kudos my dear.

Yes, February is OPEN. Can we please get together????