November 7, 2009

yippee for halloween clearance at target!!!

welp i knew the 90% clearance was coming, and I got lucky enough to find a few items:)

here's the rundown:
leggings for miss e= 5.99 i paid .59 cents!!!!!
monster placemats- 3.98 i paid .38 cents!!!!
monster napkins= 5 packs were 7.95 i paid .75 cents!!!
obi wan kanobe costume=19.99 i paid 1.99!!!
ninja costume was 9.99, i paid .99 cents!!!!
toddler girl costume was 9.99 i paid .99 cents!!!!

total before discount: 57.89
total after: 5.69 !!!!!!!
i saved: 52.20, or 90%

fun times!!!

1 comment:

Thankfully Thrifty said...

This is great! The monster stuff is so cute!
I'm new to your blog but I love the running total you have out to the right! Does this include groceries too or nonfood items?