January 30, 2009

oh target...sweet target!

We've had the quite snow storm here in Ohio..in fact i've been snowed in for 4 days! I had to get out of the house..so off to target we went:)
I'm so glad:) Here's why:
These are the items I've been watching and watching to go down to 75%!

Little Einstien Trans. Rocket: was 43.99 now 10.98
Speed Racer Car- was 3.99 now .98
Speed Racer Car- was 3.99 now .98
Sleeping Beauty Barbie and bed- was 24.99 now 6.24

these items were back in the sporting good section:

speed racer thermos- was 15.59 now 3.88
speed racer thermos- was 15.59 now 3.88
autoseh cup= was 7.99 now 1.98

cars e-z bed- was 29.99 now 7.48- we have a dora one of these for miss e..it's awesome!
and this is my deal of the day!

onieda flatware service for 8- was 79.99 now 19.98!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

totals: 226.11
i paid: 56.38 + tax
savings of : 169.73 or 75%


Anonymous said...

Andrea you are awesome! i love you! haha i need to learn from you cause i need to be saving money!! =)

The Barkers said...

My mom and I were looking at the cars mattress just two weeks ago and it was still $29.99. I might have to go back and see if they still have it for $8!!

The Barkers said...

i'm very sad to say that our Targets do not put the same things on sale. You would think a nation wide chain like that would have the same markdowns everywhere especialy on the same exact product. I went looking for the Cars matress. They had two on the shelf at full price of $29.99. I was short on time and didn't see a worker or I would have asked why??? This also happened on your toy post. I went looking for some of the same things and they weren't marked down like yours. :-(