January 4, 2009

walgreens -1-4-08 transactions 3-4

told you it was a good day at the wallygreens:)

transaction 3: this one is a doozy:)

5 electrosal gelpacs- on sale for 3.49 each- so 3.49 x 5= 17.45
3 garnier fructose shampoo- on sale for 2.99 each- so 2.99 x 3= 8.97
2 garnier fructose conditioner- on sale for 2.99 each- 2.99 x 2= 5.98
garnier fructose mouse- on sale for 2.99
garnier styling product- on sale for 2.99
quilted northern...4.00- oops didnt make it to the picture:(

total: 42.38
hold on here's where it gets fun!
-used 2.00 garnier coupon from the january easy saver catalog , it automatically took the 2.00 off each garnier product, so 7.00 x 2 =-14.00 walgreens coupon
-used 7 1.00 off coupons garnier from the sunday paper!= - 7.00
- used 5 2.50 off coupons for the elec. gelpacs from sundays paper..-12.50

new total: 8.88 + 2.65 tax= 11.53
i paid with my gift card from nov. easy saver rebate items, i had 5.30 left on it!
so i paid 6.23 for all this!!
i was going to use my 10 register rewards from the medicine deal, but the register wouldn't accept it because i had too many coupons, which was no big deal to me:) because i used it for more diapers!:)
the bottom of my receipt says wags advertised savings: 19.79
mani coupons. : 33.50
your total savings: 53.29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i saved 93%

transaction 4:

2 packs walgreens diapers- 5.99 x 2= 11.98
total: 11.98
-10.00 register rewards from aleve and flinstone vit. deal !
new total: 1.98 + .75= 2.73
so here's the deal.after register rewards, and my easy saver rebates.i got 5 boxes of electrasol, 7 garnier products,a 9 pk of toilet paper, oh and 5 packs of diapers for a grand total of 6.23 + 2.73= 8.96!!
so do i think couponing is worth it? YOU BETTER BELIEVE I DO!

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mbrocker said...

Don't forget.. you can submit a WAGs rebate for one of the electrosols for $1.50. Because you use the GC, you'll get the 10% bonus. So you can take a further $1.65 off of what you've spent.

Great deals girl!