December 4, 2008

cvs 12-3

ok so a few weeks ago cvs had the best sale on batteries...spend 20 get 15 ecb's ...and you could do the deal 3 times..yup 60 dollars of batteries for 15 dollars:)i already used 15 of that 45, so i had 30 ecbs to spend this week so i did:)only one of these had ecb's but i didnt care, this is stuff we needed:)

vaseline intensive care lotion for men- 2.50
tide mt. spring..(in case you cared what scent we use) 5.99
pampers baby dry diapers- 9.99
secret deodorant-- yes it is strong enough for a man:)- 2.50
secret deodorant- 2.50
dasani water- 3.88
charmin basic- 5.99
charmin ultra- 5.99
carefree- 4.19
st. jude hospital donation- 1.00
total: 44.51
-5.00 off 25 from scanner- jealous melissa?:)
-.25 coupon for charmin
-1.00 coupon for pampers
-1.25 coupon for vaseline intensive care lotion
-1.00 coupon..cant' remember what for:)
new total: 36.01
- 30.00 extra care bucks from battery deal

final total: 6.01 + .29= 6.30 oh and i got an extra 2.00 ecb's from the carefree:)
so there you have it 4.30 for 44 dollars of product!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

sounds good to me.. and there will be other weeks where building up ECB's all over again will be easy.