November 17, 2008

kroger- 11-16

wow its been forever since i've been to the least i feel that way:
i'll have to go back and look on here to see when i went:)

i wont' list everything, because i'm exhausted:)
here's the important stuff:
total: 64.63
coupons and sales: 32.19
new total: 32.44, savings of 50%!

here are the best deals:
-tgif potato skins- 2.50 used 1.50 coupon from my sisters collection:) so 1.00 a box!
-tgif moz. sticks- 2.50 used 1.50 coupon from my sisters stash:) so 1.00 a box!
-kroger cheese- 1.67 used .45 coupon from register= so a whopping 1.22!
-cottonelle toilet paper- 1.00 used .50 coupon from paper, doubled so it was free!
-kroger dressing: 1.00!
-pop (not pictured) 4 for 11.00!!
-frozen birds eye steamer veggies: 1.00 used .35 off coupon, the new total was .30 a bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

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