November 8, 2008

great great deals at i found these codes on love this site!

if you use your kohls card, you can get an extra 30 percent off and free shipping!

the codes are

also they are having a 2 day holiday sale in store and online..when doesnt' kohls have a sale? seriously..i'm hooked:)
online sale: november 8- 12 a.m.-4 a.m......yah im up late:) i took a killer nap on the couch:)
in store november 8- 6 a.m.-1 pm

you can get an extra 15 percent off the toys that are already on sale..and then use the 30 percent off code-- got 2 great deals on little people sets for the kidlets for Christmas!:)

have fun shopping till you be dropping!

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