November 8, 2008

huggies diaper deal size 1-2 only!- deal is dead now!

i wish my bren was still this size what a deal! saw this on a few i thought i'd share! broke this down:)

264 diapers- size 1-2: 8-15 pounds

17.65 plus 6.95 shipping

also if you buy 2 you can get a subscription for 2 years to cookie magazine, or opt out of that and get $15 back!!!!

so you will get 528 diapers for 35.30 + 6.95 shipping =
42.25 - 15 cookie mag refund= 27.25 for 528 diapers!!! that's 5 cents a diaper:(

i had ordered these 2 boxes for gifts, just got an email amazon canceled my order:(

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