November 10, 2008

see how i redid em's bathroom for sooo cheap! i love me some meijer-

so i'm just a strolling through the meijer, which um by the way the shopping carts with the nick tvs in them, that you can rent for a 1.00 are worth their weight in gold! they are amazing! so anyway back to the deal- i saw this set at target a while back, and loved it, I just couldnt' justify spending how much they wanted for it. I was so excited when i scanned these items! And then i got an extra 30 percent off!!

disney princess tumbler: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% off .99= -.27 cents
new total: .72 yes .72 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess lotion pump: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% of .99= -.27 cents
new total .72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess shower hooks: was 9.99 now .99
- 30% of .99= -.27 cents
new total .72!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

disney princess bath mat: was 12.99 now 1.29
- 30% off 1.29= -.38
new total: .91 cents!!!!!!!!!

disney princess shower curtain: was 14.99 now 1.49
- 30 % off 1.49= -.45
new total: 1.04 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

total: 4.11 plus tax...can you believe that redecorated the whole bathroom for 4 dollars, and now my princess is very happy!

would have been 57.95!!!!!!!!!!! so i saved 93%...i cant' believe it!!!!!!!!
here's the finished product:


Melissa said...

too cute! great deal!

kat said...

my!!! Miss E would go mad for that! And that price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(but you can get shopping carts iwth tv's over there?? THIS I gotta see!