January 4, 2009

cvs- 1-4-08

oh cvs i've missed you old friend!!
feel like i haven't been in forever! I was able to give my mom and dad 2 nice sized bags of toiletries for Christmas from my cvs and walgreens shopping, so now its time to build the stockpile up:)
today my quarterly extra care bucks printed..i got a whopping 4.00 back:)
better than nothing:)

colgate toothbrush- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
colgate toothpaste- 2.50
dove milk choc. - 75% off so it was 1.12!
2 packs of ornament hooks- 75% off so they were .74!
fisher price dora symphony toy...was 14.99, i got it for 3.75!
holiday barbie- was 12.99, i got it for 3.25!
garnier nutrise shampoo- 2.99
johnson and johnson baby shampoo- 2.99
cheese it twin pack- 6.00
fiber one twin pack- 6.99

total: 37.83
-5.00 off 25 from scanner
-4.00 quarterly extra care bucks
-1.00 colgate coupon
-1.00 colgate coupon
-.75 colgate coupon
-.75 colgate coupon
-1.00 garnier coupon
-.50 fiber one bars
-1.00 johnson and johnson product

new total: 22.83 + .92 tax= 23.75- i put that all on my gift card i got for trans. a prescription!
and i got 3 ecbs from the cheezits, 3 ecbs from the fiber one bars, 4 ecbs from the colgate, and 2 ecbs from garnier...so 12 ecbs for next week, so i got all this for

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