September 26, 2008

this is addicting

oh my word these candy bars are sooo good!!

um you have got to see this to believe it
yah seriously i paid $0.00 for 4 candy bars!!
2 herberts loaded candy bars-on sale $1.50 each- so total was $3.00
used $3.00 coupon off 2 from easy saver catalog for september!

so new total was 0.00

then i did it again:)
so i got 4 candy bars for 0.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the cashier couldnt' believe it! i said you can check and make sure its right i don't want you to get in trouble! so she asked the other cashier, and she said absolutly its fine now where are they::)
they were gong to get some for themselves:):)

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