September 28, 2008

cvs - 9-28

ok first off i have to say i looked through the ads, planned my deals and cut my coupons, and seperated them into 2 categories, walgreens and cvs- there are fabulous deals out there- but you have to do a little work to get them!
plan ahead..and dont panic:):)

first thing i did was scan my card at the scanner..i got a $5 off 25 coupon, which made me oh so happy....

so here's what i did

colgate total: $2.50
colgate kids toothpaste- $2.50
gilette fusion razor- $9.99
covergirl clean foundation- $5.49
covergirl eyeshadow- $5.49
dawn botanical- $.99

total: $26.96

here's my coupons:
-$.25- dawn ( todays paper)
-$.75 colgate (today's paper)
-$4.00- gilette razor (todays paper)
-$5.49- cover girl buy one foundation, get a covergirl product for free!! (todays paper)
-$5.00 of $25 purchase from scanner:)
-$3.00 extra care bucks from last week...

total: $8.47 + $1.19 tax= $9.66
used a gift card that had $4.44 on it....
so my new total was $5.22!!!

plus i got
$2.00 extra care bucks from colgate!
$5.79 extra care bucks from covergirl foundation!
$5.00 extra care bucks from gillete razor!
total of ecb: $12.79

so they paid me- $3.13 to take these products!

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