September 26, 2008

yup still smiling from walgreens---

ok here we go:)
crest white strips- on sale for $19.99-- ( i'll let you know if they really work) i will get $8 in rapid rewards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pert plus- $3.59--
2 twix, reese, and snickers- 4 for $10-- (stocking up early for halloween)
2 herberts fully loaded candy bars- 2 for $3.00

total before coupons: $36.58
here's where it gets fun:)
-$7 coupon from sunday paper for crest strips-
-$1.50 coupon for pert plus...( there is also a $2.50 coupon of pert plus in the easy-saver catalog for october- which u can start using today, but my walgreens didnt' have the catalog out yet..the cashier told me they didnt' get any this seriously you didn't get your ad this
-$3 coupon off 2 herberts fully loaded candy bars (from easy saver catalog from september)
new total: $25.08
then i used my $5 dollar off $20 purchase- coupon link is in another post:)
so new total was $20.08
then i got $8 rapid reward from crest whitestrips
and i registered online for my rebates: i will get $4 from candy deal, and also i will get $3.79 from pert plus on a walgreens gift card, and if you do it online you get a 10 percent bonus, so i get $8.56 on a wally green gift card in a few days!!!!!!
woo hoo what fun!
so i have $18 in rapid rewards plus my gift card!!!

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