September 22, 2008

walgreens deals

ok at walgreens they give rapid rewards to use on your next purchase...

transaction 1:

reach toothbrush: on sale 2 for $5
reach floss: on sale 2 for $5

total:$ 5.31 with tax
printed off $5.00 rapid rewards!

transaction 2:

feminine products:)- $2.50
Smuckers jelly- $1.67
ghiradelli choc.- 2 for $3.00
advil pm- $4.99

total: $12.16
-$1 coupon from sundays paper for the chocolate!
-$2 coupon from sundays paper for advil pm!
-$2 coupon peelie that was on the advil pm box!
-$5 rapid rewards from the reach deal!

new total: $2.16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

mbrocker said...

Register Rewards. :-) Good to know I have a fellow deal seeker out there!