September 22, 2008

i love cvs!

ok here's what i did:

first off you need to know get a cvs extra care card! they give you extra care bucks on certain products, that you can then turn around and use on your next transaction, also scan your card at the price scanner, and it will print off coupons for you!!

here's my first transaction:

ped egg replacement blades: the pedegg is amazing, and it was time for some refills:) $9.99
5 gatorades- on sale 5 for 5 dollars...i got $3 in extracare bucks on these!
nivea body wash...$4.99- i got $4.99 extra care bucks back on this!
total on this: 19.98
tax: 1.25
total: 21.23, but then i got 7.99 in extracare bucks~

transaction 2:

2 crest prohealth mouthwash: $5.98- I got $4.00 extra care bucks back!
1 adidas deodarant- $4.99- I got $4.00 extra care bucks!
so total on this one: $10.97
-$3.00 extra care bucks that i got from buying the gatorade
-$4.99 extra care bucks that i got from buying the nivea bodywash
so grand total was $2.98 plus $.19 tax= 3.17, but i got 8.00 back in ecb!

transaction 3:

5 gatorades for $5.00- i thought the deal was only good 1 time, but i did it twice:)-get $3.00 ecb
cvs water- $3.99-
bath sponge for bryan-- so high maintanance:) $2.99
total: $11.98
-$1.oo coupon that printed from scanner for any cvs water
-$4.00 extra care bucks from the crest mouthwash
-$4.00 extra care bucks from the adidas deodarant
new total: $2.98 plus i got $3.00 extra care bucks from gatorade!

so total out of pocket for all this was: $27.38 and i have $3.00 to use for next week!
would have been 17.38 if i didnt get the ped egg thing:):)

1 comment:

mbrocker said...

Oh my gosh.. a CVS'r as well?? I will be living at CVS this week. Hoping to find Revitalift & Adidas later today. Wish me luck.

Oohh and with the systane & Huggies/Cottonelle/Revitalift deal I'm gonna be living at CVS this week.

Did you know there is a $2/10 that is good only through next Sunday? I have a PDF if you need it.